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Portugal will vaccinate Brazilians without access to healthcare in the country

Portugal will vaccinate Brazilians without access to healthcare in the country

Fernanda Strickland * Pedro Okaro *

Posted on 04/26/2021 20:32 / Updated 04/26/2021 21:36

The government of Portugal has issued the COVID-19 vaccination to foreigners even without a residence visa and a registration number in the National Health System (SNS). Since March 17, 2021, the Portuguese government, through Decree-Law No. 22-A / 2021, has allowed foreigners to remain in the country’s territory even when their visas have expired. The document must have expired from February 24, 2020 and the decree is valid until December 31, 2021.

According to the Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), in the preliminary data provided to Agência Brasil, about 117.5 thousand new residence permits were issued in 2020 and 41.99 thousand Brazilians, which is 36% of the calculated total. However, the total is lower than the previous year, which was 48.79 thousand addresses delivered to the Brazilians.

“In Portugal, according to information from the country’s Ministry of Health, vaccination is considered universal. So, the same decision now includes all immigrants who are in the country. But even so, Brazilians already had this preference. What is clear now is that the borders are closed more often. So, any fear of a peak, that is, a very sharp increase in illegal immigration in Portugal, is a European concern mainly to many political sectors, says Pedro Feliu, an international relations specialist.

Illegal immigrants and refugees have guaranteed rights anywhere in the world. Illegal or irregular migration occurs for several reasons, but the humanistic explanation for all situations must be given, in the first analysis.

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International attorney at Kolbe Advogados Associados, Hanna Gomes, explains that the coronavirus vaccination available to all residents of the world includes individuals of illegal origins in National Accounting. This is because the intention of the country proposing to vaccinate these foreigners is also aimed at protecting its residents. But not only that. As Portugal and the United States have announced, the goal also includes identifying and identifying these unreported populations, in order to familiarize themselves with the situation and create statistics that can produce national and even multilateral public policies, ”he explains.

Hanna says that every person, regardless of his nationality and the country in which they reside, is guaranteed some basic rights attributed to a person, and they are also abolished from human rights. “They are minimum conditions of dignity, respect and morality, upheld by each country’s domestic legislation, but also in international treaties and guaranteed by the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which almost all Western countries have signed. They are very individual and personal rights, and even not transferable in nature – they are non Linked to nationality or territory, “he explains

“Thus, in Portugal, medical care in the public health system, named Linha de Saúde 24 (Horace) is guaranteed to immigrants or refugees, even in an illegal or illegal situation. There are many associations and support / assistance agreements for immigrants that can guarantee access to Health care or even guidance to settle the situation, in case of rejection, “the lawyer informs.

According to Gomez, it is necessary to distinguish between irregular status and illegal status. Irregular situation occurs when state authorities are aware of an individual’s entry or stay in the country, but have not yet regularized their situation – “This may be due to the lack of a document, old data provided, and change in status, such as an example from a tourist to a resident without formal permission. On the other hand, illegal situation occurs when the country’s immigration sector permits are not aware of that person’s entry or continuation. There are many associations and support / assistance agreements for immigrants that can guarantee access to health or even guidance to settle the situation, in case of refusal. , He says.

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The lawyer says that deportation between Brazil and Portugal will only take place as a last resort, in the event of conviction for a crime or imprisonment or in the case of people who represent a danger to the Portuguese nation. “This is because there are many bilateral cooperation and facilitation agreements for residency and citizenship between Brazil and Portugal.”

For Hana, it is important to emphasize that in the case of Portugal, it is necessary to publish the picture of the existence of a bilateral agreement between Brazil and Portugal that facilitates the regularization of the status of illegal or illegal immigrants.

“Thus, anyone who may be in this situation can contact the Brazilian authorities or consular societies and immigrant support houses, or even Portuguese authorities, through the competent bodies or even the police station, so that this is possible. He is sent to the official immigration programs. Of deportation, if you have no problems with criminal justice, ”he points out.

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