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Portugal is not on the British Green List.  'Whose logic is out of reach'

Portugal is not on the British Green List. ‘Whose logic is out of reach’

Portugal is no longer on the list of countries where there are no restrictions on the travel of UK citizens. The decision was officially announced by British Foreign Secretary Grant Sharp after it was taken up by the Boris Johnson government on Thursday.

This conclusion, according to the British government, included the Azores and the Madeira archipelago, which was later clarified.

“This is a difficult decision,” a government official said, justifying Portugal’s decision to drop it from the yellow list, as a way to provide the UK with “the best conditions to define domestically”, with Portugal doubling “from last estimate” to a “rate of positive cases”.

However, through the social networking site Twitter, the Foreign Ministry, led by Augusto Santos Silva, released a statement criticizing the decision. “We take note of the British decision to remove Portugal from the Green Travel List and its logic is unattainable. Portugal continues to pursue its prudent and gradual restructuring program, with clear rules for the safety of its residents or visitors.”, Read it.