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What prompted Portugal to withdraw from the UK’s Green List and what were the reactions? Economic newspaper

A few weeks ago, Portuguese Tourism was celebrating the UK’s decision to include Portugal in its green list so that tourists do not have to quarantine upon their return to the country. Now, the sector regrets that Boris Johnson’s CEO has reversed the decision. Learn about the implications of the latest British action.

When was Portugal excluded from the British Green List and why?

On June 3, the British press reported that the government The UK has removed Portugal from the list of countries where tourists can travel and are not subject to quarantine upon return. The procedure will take effect at 4:00 am on June 8. The controversy revolves around the increase in infection and transmissibility in the country, as well as the number of cases of the Nepalese variant.

Instituto Dr. Ricardo Jorge João Paulo Gomez explained that only 12 cases of this new strain have been identified in the country, and it is “one of the small variants within the Indian variant that contains a mutation. The mutation is of course worth monitoring because it is of course worth monitoring,” he said, citing SIC Notícias, citing SIC Notícias. They are located in the region of the virus associated with contact with our cells.

What are the restrictions that will be subject to Britons who wish to visit Portugal?

Tourists will have to comply with a 10-day quarantine upon arrival and take two PCR tests: one after their return and the other on the eighth day.

What does the Portuguese government say?

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In response to the UK’s decision, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote on Twitter: “We have taken note of the UK’s decision to remove Portugal from the Green Travel List, a decision whose rationale cannot be reached.” “Portugal continues to implement its prudent and gradual plan to remove restrictions, with clear rules for the safety of those who live here or visit us,” the government continues in its letter, which is also written in the English version.

What do air carriers say?

The UK’s decision shook the confidence of airlines. According to Lusa, TUI UK Director Andrew Flintham lamented: “This latest announcement represents another setback for our sector.” In turn, easyJet CEO, Johan Lundgren, considered the decision to add Portugal to the yellow list “shocking” and “a great disappointment for those currently in Portugal.”

For Virgin Atlantic CEO Shay Weiss, a traffic light system set up by the British government to rank countries does not convey confidence to consumers and businesses.

What do the Portuguese tourism sector associations say?

According to “Lusa”, the president of Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal (TPNP) defends that the British government’s decision to remove Portugal from the “Green List” is “destructive” and “unfair”, and represents “a bucket of cold water”, with the arguments Don’t be convinced.”

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The Portuguese Tourism Federation assessed the news as “extremely disturbing and punishing, not only for tourism, but also for the national economy, since we are talking about the country’s main export activity.”

Did the decision affect the markets?

Yes, shares of British airlines started falling soon after the changes to the “green list”. According to Lusa, at 15:50 (Lisbon time) on May 3, shares of EasyJet are down 6.07%, International Airlines Group (IAG) is down 5.67%, Ryanair is down 4, 26% and TUI is down 3.87%.

What are the consequences of the decision on tourists?

After the restrictions were announced The British were desperate to get out of Portugal, refers to the foreign press. “Desperation to leave Portugal: A nightmare for British tourists with flights of up to £700,” the Daily Mail described on Friday.

In this “nightmare” Flights to the UK are up more than 180%. Therefore, a Briton who wants to book a flight from Faro for next Monday will have to pay 265 euros, while before the announcement of the measures will have to pay 94 euros.