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Poland to buy Govt-19 vaccines from China? Andrzej spoke with Tuda Ji Jinping

President Andrzej Duda spoke on the phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping. “At the request of Prime Minister Mathews Moraveki, the headline was the possibility of purchasing Polish vaccines against Covit-19 made in China,” said President Kristof Skersky.

At the request of Prime Minister Matos Moraveki, Andrzej Duda raised the issue of Polish-Chinese cooperation in the fight against the corona virus infection during a conversation with Xi Jinping. Leaders discuss how President Krzysztof Szczerski told the Polish Press Opportunity to purchase vaccines in Poland Made in China.

As he noted, the issue of purchasing a Chinese vaccine would be “subject to further intergovernmental arrangements.”

Nevertheless, the President welcomed the Chinese leader’s announcement that Beijing was ready to make Chinese-made vaccines against Kovit-19 a global public good. – Said the Minister. According to Szczerski, Andrzej Duda pointed out that “unity and international cooperation play an important role in efforts to mitigate the health and economic consequences of the epidemic.”

However, for now, the purchase of vaccines from China is very low – says RMF FM journalist Chrysstof Berenda. Government spokeswoman Pyotr Mல்லller, for example, spoke out.

The Polish government has not yet made a decision on whether to import the Chinese or Russian vaccine; We analyze the situation of countries that have decided to take such action – said a spokesman at a press conference on Monday.

This is, according to our journalist, the official version. It is unofficial that negotiations with the Chinese are being conducted for a different purpose.

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First, the relationship with Beijing is expected to scare off current vaccine suppliers. Encouraging them to produce faster and execute complex orders. Second, if current suppliers stop production for some reason, negotiations with China should be our plan B.

We will never endanger our citizens without concrete research results. Everything depends on the results of the research – When asked about the possibility of buying other vaccines, e.g. From China, before Minister Skersky informs about the talks between President Duda and Xi Jinping.

In Poland, vaccinations began in late December 2020. Currently, three products are used for this, which are manufactured by companies: Bioendech / Pfizer, Moderna I Astrogeneca.

In early February, the Chinese company Sinovac Biotech announced that the Office of Medical Products had formally approved the vaccine against Kovit-19. It is the second product approved for general use in PRC after synoform vaccination.

During the conversation between Andrzej Duda and Xi Jinping, the issue of economic cooperation was also raised. The Polish President was invited to pay a state visit to China.