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Surprised after receiving my gold medal. “I’m saying weird things”

Ukasz Jachimiak: You stood on stage and closed your eyes and listened to “Mazurek Dbrowski”. What did you see then?

Pyotr yła: I nodded, memories of my jumping adventure flooded my mind. I touched a little.

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The secret of Piotr yła’s amazing success. “He used a secret weapon”

What exactly did you see? Which industry areas?

– Lots of jumps from the World Cup. Since its introduction in 2007. All the medals reminded me [po kolei ¯y³a zdobył: brąz w drużynie w 2013 roku, kolejny brąz w drużynie w 2015 roku, w 2017 roku brąz indywidualnie i złoto w drużynie – red.]When I was 8-9 years old a picture suddenly appeared and I was making small tabs. In cross-country skiing, I jumped on them. First, I watched the World Cups or World Cups, I admired Sven Hannavald, Kasuyoshi Fanaki and Hitler Miyahira for jumping, and then I fought with them. I was the last, I beat them! I don’t know why the stage reminded me of this. Maybe because these are my deeply buried first dreams.

Have you been playing yourself from the beginning? You jumped as Piotrex Shia in fantasy competitions in your own mountain, weren’t you?

– Yes, I went as usual Pyotr lived. Piotria was always in the lead after the first Series, Then he rode to the end of the race and won. How about here at Oberstdorf! I had big dreams, I lived them as a child, and as I grew older, I worked more and more. Dreams became less important. They were still there, but the work was first. Work is more important than dreams. Only by dreams, can a man do anything. It’s true.

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Afy aftera The interview was seen after receiving the gold. Suddenly he heard the German national anthem. “Are we interfering?”

Was the gold medal at the World Championships one of your biggest dreams? You already have one, but in 2017 it was a success on the team, and is the individual still valuable?

– The title is the title. I was happy about it. Now I have two and bigger. Now, as we do now, there may have been only a little time to comfort me. Since the title was at the end in Lahti we just had another World Cup and we are not as open to you as we are now.

Do you dedicate a gold medal to someone in particular?

– No, especially no one. On Saturday, in my emotions, I said various strange things, but here I told you how it really is. Two elements are important – hard work and fun. Their combination gave a sensational effect. I have been working hard for a long time and now I can have a great time too. This approach is dedicated to people who want to achieve different goals. Sometimes when you’re super cool, I think it’s easy to do when you’re approaching something that is fun.

On Saturday, we asked you what Granerut or Hornacher told you when they greeted you, and tell you how Kamil Stokes and David Kubaki received your gold. You match them, there are three individual world champions.

– I felt they were happy. With us, it doesn’t matter who stands on stage. Medal for everyone. It is for everyone in Poland. My colleagues greeted me and then at the hotel we all had a good time together, ha, ha, ha.

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Pyotr yłaMorkenstern commented on Shia behavior after winning a gold medal at the World Cup

You are very calm now – you are accustomed to the situation, do you already realize what you have achieved?

– Yes, since I landed emotionally, I have been quietly thinking of being a world champion, of which I am very happy.

Did you wait too long for the medal? You only got it two days after the match.

– It doesn’t take me long. I was asleep at the time. I started mixing on Sunday, but slept otherwise. I had to come down emotionally. Now is the time to start doing something. I plan to lift my leg at the gym on Tuesday. On the big mountain. I know there is nothing I can do about myself and I need to get back to work.

Kamil Stokes and Michael DolesalStoch re-activation! The Polish jumper is preparing to fight for two medals

Are you so hungry to jump that you are already going to the big mountain? However, is it better to have a break until Wednesday and start training then?

– Oh, I’m not going now, of course not. Overall, my body is heavy. If he sets himself up for something, he won’t stop! But if you are lazy, gosh, set yourself up for a massacre to get back to work. I would have done it even if the match was already on Wednesday. Since they are on weekends, I work slowly so the top form is on time. You have to do the same as in a normal mountain. It worked there, and now I have such a plan again. When I do, I do not guarantee myself, because when the form comes, I do not control it, then I am in my world.

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You said Saturday was like a wedding and Sunday was like a party, so tell me how Monday was for you.

– It was cold. It was great, no need to go to work.