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Poland – Andorra: Kuba Vozhevatsky and other celebrities operate online after L. World Cup 2022

On Sunday evening, the piano-cervoni did not impress, but they did the job. Andorra won the match with 3: 0. Robert Lewandowski opened the scoring in the 30th minute. The captain of the piano-Cervonic rose to 2-0 in the 55th minute, shortly before the end of the match Carol Oviedersky entered the sniper list, which was his debut on the senior team.

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As usual with the matches of the Polish national team, this time there were comments about this match on social media. How did the second match of the Polish team led by Palo Sausa comment?

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Journalist Christoph Stanowski on Twitter was very active during the match. – Andorra The size of my garden. Well, it would be appropriate to speed up a bit – this is one of the founding tweets of

– A dramatic, utterly dramatic game. Even a component action – unused, even Spartan – can be specified. No stalks, entering the penalty area, changing positions, something to hang your eye on. Accidental goals, from fights to corruption. We are waiting … – Stanowski wrote after the meeting.

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– Andorra has no airports, no post offices, no currency, no universities, no Polish embassy or railroad. On the other hand, we have no reason to be proud. Good night – Kuba Vozhevatsky wrote on Facebook.

– I summarize it this way: At Wembley, instead of the team before the game, the national team has a construction site. Construction at an early stage, with foundations, not roofs. Another treat for President Bonnie for choosing the moment to change the selector; There is nothing worse than this. The UK’s fears are “enormous,” said journalist Adam Kotlevsky.

– I can see a plus of today’s match. We spent a lot of time in the opponent’s half because we should not be there on Wednesday – commented former footballer Wojciech Kowalczyk.

– You complained to the press that it is without a 1-0 style. Finally, Poland defeated its rival 3-0. It could be even more so – the entry of Canal + Sports Director Micah Gonzogejics.

– Today, it is scary to think of competition with English in this form. We make minimal plans, but the implementation of this plan must also play out – commented politician Janus Piozoski.

– After this match, I have only one question – What about Lou’s knee? – mentions Tomas Urban of Eleven Sports Little shock to Robert Lewandowski.

Magiz Parskov of DVP Sport tried to list the pros and cons of the match on Sunday.

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– (…) The team got tired, and we got tired too. The debutants got a boost. Now Wembley … – Written by DVB Sports Commentator Magiz Ivaski.

Former tennis player and current commentator David Celt mentioned the introduction of iders Wiedersky on Twitter. – Bravo Carol Świderski. A promising entry – wrote Agnieszka Radwaska’s husband, who is a big football fan.