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Archbishop Kode and Archbishop Joniak were punished by the Vatican

“Acting in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and motu proprio Pope Francis You are the light of the world, Holy See – following formal reports – conducted a procedure on the Archbishop’s negligence. Savoj Lessek Kode on sexual abuse by minors against minors and other issues related to the administration of the archbishop. As a result of the completed investigation, Holy See made the following conclusions regarding him:

  • Order to reside outside the Archdiocese of Gdańsk
  • Prohibition of participation in any public religious ceremonies or meetings in the Diocese of Gdańsk
  • Order to pay the appropriate amount to the “Fundaja tow” from personal funds. Giuseppe “, to help victims of preventive measures and abuse” – the Apostolic Nuncier announced in a press release.

Similar penalties were applied to Dad Edward Joniak. The clergy must submit to the following conclusions:

  • Kallis was ordered to live outside the diocese.
  • Attendance at any public religious celebrations or meetings in the Diocese of Khalis is prohibited.
  • Order to pay the appropriate amount to the “Fundaja tow” from personal funds. Józef “, to help victims of preventive measures and abuse.

The proceedings were conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Act motu proprio “Vos estis lux mundi”, Order issued by Pope Francis In May 2019, it sets out procedures for bishops to report and investigate cases of cover-up of sexual offenses. The operation was carried out by priests from outside the diocese of Gdańsk, backed by a priest from one of the countries of southern Europe.

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Bishop Edward Joniak was accused of covering up pedophilia. Shocking information about his activities was revealed by the Chekhielsky brothers. You can learn from their documentary that Joniak hid a pedophile priest for years. The Vatican has opened an investigation. Was accused of covering the pedophilia of the hierarchy In the meantime, he sent the document to the bishops, In it he attacked the creators of the film “Hide-and-seek”, Polish Primate. We described the document in Onet.

In turn, in February 2018, the “Wai” newspaper reported that the Warsaw nun had received a detailed complaint about the actions of Bishop Jania. “The bishop of Kallis Seminary tolerated the bishop sexually abusing minors and tolerating homosexuality among the clergy,” the article said.

On June 2, in a communiqu போ, Archbishop Bosna announced, “As a result of a formal application submitted to the Holy See on May 18 and 20, 2020, the Council for Bishops, based on the Holy Father Francis Mottu Proprio” Vos Estes Lux Mundi “(Art. 10 §1). In a letter dated May 26, 2020, he authorized the Archbishop of Bosna to conduct a preliminary inquiry into Bishop Khalis’ negligence in prosecuting sexual abuse cases.

In the case of Archbishop Savoj Lessek Kode, the media reported four cases related to pedophilia among the clergy of his diet. Reports covering their affairs were sent directly Vatican, I.e. without the mediation of Gdańsk Curia and nuncio in Poland.

The first procedure Fr. Mike L., who was then sentenced by a court to 12 years in prison for raping a 17-year-old girl. The second father was Miroswa Busan. A woman in his church accused him of attempting sexual abuse. The priest must have come drunk before her. The third case is about a priest whose name has not been released due to security concerns and the current press investigation. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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In August, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Archbishop. Savoj Lessek Kode from the operation of the metropolis of Kadsk when the priest retired at the age of 75.