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Corona virus in Poland. Latest data from the Ministry of Health [13 marca 2021 r.]

Corona virus in Poland. How many people are in hospitals?

There are 19,000 in hospitals. 541 Covid-19 patients. There are 2,000 under the respirator. 11 patients – Ministry of Health said on Saturday. The ministry said 28,000 patients had been prepared for Govt-19. 75 beds and 2 thousand. 830 respirators.

In comparison, a week ago, on March 6, the Ministry of Health announced that there were 16,000 in hospitals. 725 patients. At that time there were 1 thousand people under respirators. 716 ill.

The ministry said on Saturday that 310,000 people were in isolation. 551 people. So far 1 million 546 thousand have been recovered. 151 people have been affected.

Corona virus in Poland. Changes in controls

– We have decided to introduce additional restrictions on Masovsky and Lubusky voyageships – Health Minister Adam Nidzilsky announced At a press conference on Thursday. Restrictions include the closure of shopping centers, cinemas, hotels and swimming pools.

The new regulations for Masovsky and Lubusky Voyotoships are due to take effect on Monday, March 15. The same restrictions The province already includes the province of Warmia-Masuria, And from Saturday, March 13, they will be Apply in the province of Pomeranian.

In all four provinces mentioned above, the restrictions should remain in effect until March 28. Beginning Monday, elementary school grades 1-3 will be held in mixed mode – with some students taking distance lessons and some at home.

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