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Paulo Sousa commented on the match against England. “He had to make a better decision” Polish national team

Polish representation He suffered his first defeat during the reign of Paulo Sousa. Despite a draw until the 85th minute, our players at Wembley surrendered to England (1: 2). At the press conference the Portuguese coach did not hide that he still counts more. “We all – the players and I – were sad on the field because we thought we deserved more,” he admitted.

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What will Poland lose by not being promoted to the World Cup?

Paulo Sousa: “The team knows what they can do and we will continue to move forward.”

“We didn’t have a balance in the first half,” Sousa explained. – Our pendulum, especially the Magij ribus, must play more to better cope with the pressure of the opponent and not to push themselves to the defense. We did better after the break. We spent practically half of the whole part in English. We dominated the game in terms of ball possession and there was a moment when we could fight for victory. But we agreed on both goals after we set them. We need to work on this. Sometimes we can agree on goals like this, only because of differences in height, but we all need to focus more, ‘said the coach, not hiding the fact that he did not see an extra striker. “This forced us to look for other solutions,” the Portuguese said.

Sousa also commented on the controversy surrounding the penalty kick for the English. – We trust the judges, but at this level we need to have VAR – says the coach. – Thanks to this, we have more confidence in what is happening on the pitch. However, there is no denying that Mikes Helic must have made a better decision because it does not have to interfere with a slide block – the Polish national team coach believes that the team’s game will improve over time. – We can not forget that Gareth Southgate has been working with the English people since 2016. He had time to work with the team. We started working now. We must be in good faith. The team knows what they can do. We will continue to move forward, says Sousa.

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Wojciech Scozni reveals what Paulo Sousa told players after the match against England

The complex situation of the poles in the World Cup qualifying team

Following the defeat to England, the Polish national team dropped to fourth place in the qualifying group for the World Championships.. It will be recalled that the winners of the ten teams will qualify for the World Cup. The teams in second place will play in the play-offs. Apart from them, there will be two top teams from the UEFA Nations League who will not win a single pass from the qualifying round. The top three teams will advance from the play-offs to the World Cup. The playoffs semifinals will take place in March 2022. A fight will be decisive to advance to their final. It will be the same in the finals, and a lot will be decided by the host of each match. The President of the Polish Football Association Zbiknev Ponik recently spoke about the importance of promotion to the finals in the football division..