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Bundesliga. Glass Fischer: Lewandowski’s shortage costs Bayer a lot

Klaus Fischer, the second-ranked Bundesliga all-time leading scorer, believes the absence of the injured Robert Lewandowski will cost Bayern Munich a lot. “It could be a game disaster. The match against Leipzig will be very tough for the German champions,” he believes.

“Lewandowski’s injury is a game disaster for Bayer and the entire team could fall. This is why a meeting with the vice-president of the RP Leipzig schedule can be very difficult. If they fail, it may be directly related to the lack of a Polish striker.” Did.

The captain of the Polish national team injured his knee during the World Cup qualifier with Andorra. Bayer’s medical staff estimated that his break would last up to four weeks. This means he will not play in five Bundesliga games, two quarter-finals and one semi-final of the Champions League.

“In the absence of Lewandowski on the team, Bayern could play very defensively in Leipzig. In order to avoid as much risk as possible, a balance in these situations would be like gold,” Fischer said.

Bayern coach Hansie Flick acknowledged that Lewandowski’s absence was a major blow.

“But we still live here and now. Of course our game will change. Since Robert is on the field we have a completely different team. He makes a difference. He not only shoots but also creates goalkeeping situations” – agreed the German coach.

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Bayern leader and German league table R.P. The match between the vice president of Leipzig is scheduled to take place on Saturday. Both teams share four points.

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