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Climate Summit.  The Biden Initiative adds promises without global goals

Climate Summit. The Biden Initiative adds promises without global goals

At this summit, which is being held in digital form through Friday, the major world powers have already promised to attempt carbon neutrality, with a focus on coordinated action to efficiently deal with the problem.

United States President Joe Biden has said he wants to put the country at the center of fighting climate change after its predecessor, Donald Trump, withdrew it from the Paris Agreement..

In his opening speech, Joe Biden spoke of a greener economy in which climate change must be taken seriously. All sectors of society must be involved and more jobs created to achieve the goal of reducing carbon emissions by 2050.

“This is the path we must take as a nation and this is what we can do to build an economy that is not only prosperous but also healthy and fairer and cleaner for the rest of the planet. These steps that we will take will make the US economy free from carbon emissions by 2050.”

To achieve the goal that proves to be a Hercules to the world, Biden enlisted the help of many world leaders, especially those who lead the world’s major economies: No country can solve this crisis alone. We have to go ahead. “.

Vice President Kamala Harris recalled the effects of climate change in the United States, speaking of the fires that have devastated California. He pointed out that “as a global community, it is necessary to act quickly and collectively to confront this crisis that requires innovation and cooperation around the world.”The Biden administration set a number to cut carbon emissions after extensive consultations with government agencies, scientists, industry representatives in North America, governors, mayors, and environmental researchers.

What the President of the United States has yet to clarify is what plan will be implemented to achieve the carbon neutrality goals.

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Democratic administration officials talk about several paths to follow, noting that the team created by Joe Biden will announce recommendations by the end of this year to obtain the necessary cuts.

When it comes to the climate, I think about jobs. As part of the response we will face to climate change, there is an extraordinary job creation and economic opportunity machine ready to be explored. The countries that make the decision to establish the industries of the future at the moment will be the ones that will reap the economic benefits from the upcoming clean energy boom, ”the president shouted.
Greta Thunberg and Judgment on Political Actions
Greta Thunberg, the face of the youth movement to combat climate change, testified Thursday before the US Congress, warning that world leaders cannot escape decisions that lead to potential climate catastrophe.

Climate change is outside the public debate. Since the debate is non-existent and the level of awareness is low, you contribute with impunity to the destruction of the current and future environment..

In a tone of accusation, the Swedish activist warned that today’s youth are the ones who will remember in the books the political work of these leaders and that they are still in the right time to move and make the right decision to achieve zero carbon emissions.

“We young people will be the ones who will talk about you in the history books. We will be the ones who decide how they will be remembered. Choose well.”.

António Guterres also participated in the first day of the Climate Summit and called for a “global alliance” to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality in 2050. The United Nations Secretary-General warned of a world “on the brink of the precipice” that needs countries, regions, cities, companies and industries.

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The trillions of dollars needed to revive COVID-19 are money we borrow from future generations. We cannot use these resources to implement policies that burden them with astronomical debts on a failed planet. “.

António Guterres suggested that emissions taxes could be implemented and subsidies for the exploitation of fossil fuels could end and that developing countries and those most vulnerable to climate change had access to technology that would help switch to clean energy.
Brazil is asking for money to curb deforestation
Being critical in the fight against global warming, Brazil has made clear how it wants to stop deforestation in the Amazon, the green lung of the planet. REcardo Salles, Minister of the Environment, revealed that more inspection procedures will be established and that large sums of outside funds are needed to assist the mission..

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Regarding the inspection, the Brazilian minister announced that the logistics of the armed forces, police and environmental agencies will help in May in an effort to reduce levels of deforestation.

However, the most important front in the battle has to do with the foreign investment required to successfully finish Brazil in the fight against climate change.

“For this reason, we opened this possibility to foreigners to help us with substantial resources immediately to take care of the economic and social part of the Amazon.”.

The Minister announced that an inspection action plan has been drawn up against the destruction of the Amazon rainforest of the United States, so that next year, if there are economic resources, there may be a reversal of the trend of deforestation in the Amazon.
China, Russia and Europe
Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin were the heroes of the first day of the Climate Summit. The Russian President called for cooperation between countries and emphasized that Russia has a real interest in combating climate change.

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It is an idea shared by the Chinese owner, who demanded respect for international law to achieve carbon neutrality. Xi Jinping said that China is committed to the cause and is willing to work with the international community, especially the United States.China did not want to set targets, preferring to aim for a significant reduction in coal consumption, but only from 2030 to 2060. India and Russia, the two main sources of pollution, also did not indicate the targets.

Xi Jinping noted that there should be the principle of “shared responsibility” and that developing countries should be helped in the task of using clean energy.

The Chinese president also stressed that China wants to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050, in a shorter period of time than other developed countries..

Ursula von der Leyen was the European Union’s representative at the summit and ensured Europe’s desire to become the first continent to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Europe wants to be the first continent in the world of climate neutrality. But to save the planet, we need the world. We need all major economies to shoulder their responsibilities. ”.

The words of the European Commission president come on the heels of the agreement between EU legislators to reduce net carbon emissions by at least 55% by 2030, with 2050 the deadline for carbon neutrality.

Von der Leyen asked the major powers to commit so that the world takes a path to zero carbon emissions.

Pope Francis also made his contribution, urging world leaders to “act with courage.” And that nature needs to be protected from a problem on the minds of people around the world.