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Easter restrictions? The episcopate takes the floor

– We are going through a very difficult time of infection. Another Easter is ahead of us, which we will experience in a situation with very severe limitations – Spokesman for the Polish Bishops’ Conference Fr. Lessek Kosiak SJ, during a press conference. – No one wants churches to be closed, because it is the most important thing for the spiritual well-being of each of us – said.

– We know how important this holiday is for believers. We are well aware that this holiday will be different than we would like. Man is a psychoanalytic creature. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Our mission, the mission of the Church, is to care for the spiritual part that is inseparable from the essence of every human being. Epidemic destroys not only our health but also our spiritual experience. We should try to help and support everyone in need. There is no doubt that man needs faith. A life without faith is a life without fulfillment – said a spokesman for the Polish Bishops’ Conference.

– The present situation imposes duties on us. Controlling the spread of the virus as much as possible is one of the most important things at the moment. The Church is trying its best to control this virus, but the Church also has a purpose. As the holidays approach, guidelines have been prepared on some practical solutions for organizing worship during Holy Week and the Resurrection Feast, he said. Some bishops, due to limitations in the number of faithful, gave a distribution.

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A KEP spokesman recalled that the bishops had appealed to the clergy to take a more serious approach to the limitations of people who could simultaneously participate in religious practices. “This approach will protect us from introducing new, more restrictive security rules,” he said, reading the words of the Episcopate.

– No one wants to close churches, because this is the most important thing for the spiritual well-being of each of us – said Kesiak, then read the appeal of Archbishop Stanislaw Kodeki, the leader of the KIP.

“Due to the increasing number of cases, with the health and life of the poles in mind, I would like to appeal to the priests to be faithful to the strict observance of health care rules during worship celebrations.

I urge everyone to respect the current limit of participants in religious meetings, to maintain social distance, to cover mouth and nose, to disinfect hands, and to respect the rules of hygiene in sacred buildings.

For those who are unable to attend the celebrations in person, please connect spiritually with the church community through home prayer and media broadcasts. It must be remembered that even if the bishops are relieved of their duty to attend the Holy Mass, the broadcasts will never change the full contribution of grace and receiving the rites: ‘He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. ‘(John 6:54). “

When asked if there would be specific guidelines on participation in worship, processions and food blessings, a spokesman for the Polish Bishops’ Conference replied: – Episcopate is not a super state in the Polish church.

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He recalled that the Polish Bishops’ Conference had sent out recommendations, but their implementation depended on the diocesan bishops.

– Therefore, we appeal to the priests and lay the people. We will keep our distance because this is the only way to prevent the spread of the virus in our community. We will make every effort to ensure success – said. Duck.

During the press conference, a KEP spokesman was asked how many priests had died from the outbreak since the outbreak.

– I do not have such data. Of course, there are at least a few in each diocese – he replied.

Responding to a question on how restrictions are imposed on churches, the spokesperson explained that it depends on the host of the site.

– Parish priests are obliged to enforce and obey the rules. There is no common method in this, because parish communities are different. In many places in Poland, such verification systems are already in place.

A KEP spokesman recalled that the confession could not be obtained electronically by phone or Skype. It is a ritual and therefore requires personal contact with the confessor. – How the confession will be resolved in each church depends on the individual churches. These are very specific solutions and each time is decided by the parish priest or the presenter of the place – he declared.

Decisions regarding food blessings are made by the diocesan bishops – the spokesman explained. In some, the regular blessing of food has already been canceled. If it is organized, it must respect the rules.

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