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I apologize for the “mistakes and shortcomings” we made

“A year ago, we began to fight together for what our future would be like. Despite the heroism and sacrifice of others, thousands of people have left us. We have said goodbye to so many wonderful people this year. diseases, God and the majesty of death, we are all equal. The head of government wrote on Facebook that they will always remain in our hearts.

Matthews Moraviski He thanked the medical staff on a daily basis and everyone who saved the lives of the Poles on the front line. He also thanked the government administration staff. entrepreneurs And staff. “Since the beginning of this crisis, we have been fighting in solidarity with every Polish company. Protecting jobs – behind protecting life and health – is our highest priority, and brings the firm results we need to show in Europe and around the world,” he noted. Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Matos Moraveki apologizes for the mistakes

The head of government thanked the volunteers for “their selfless effort and care”. “I would like to say‘ sorry ’for the mistakes and shortcomings we made,” Moraveki wrote.

“Modern societies and countries have a lot to learn,” he said. “Perhaps we relied too much on our technology, and worst of all – we believed that wars, epidemics and crises, democracy and the development of science and technology were archeological,” said Matos Moraveki. According to the head of government International spread The corona virus not only “broke the supply chains” but also “gave us a painful lesson in humility”. “It changed the hierarchy of our needs and asked us questions about the core values ​​that should guide us in our personal and social / public life,” the Prime Minister wrote.

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“Patience is often bitter, but it pays off. We have already made a lot of sacrifices, but in order to realize this sacrifice, we as a community need to move forward and look to the future with confidence” – Mattus Moraviski added in his Facebook post.

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