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Iga Świątek – the golden child of Polish tennis

  • Swedech, like a hurricane, wipes out successive rivals from the court, proving that it has settled permanently among the best
  • In Adelaide, on the way to the final, he did not miss a single set. In addition, none of them rivals caused her much trouble
  • Performance in the finals will allow Świątek to move up to 16th place in the rankings. Winning will elevate a place for you. The 19-year-old is moving into the top ten in the WTA rankings
  • One of the exchanges he has made since the tournament in Adelaide could be the highlight of the season
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In the fall of last year, the entire sports world breathed a sigh of relief when the 19-year-old polarized during the Grand Slam tournament. Roland Carosa broke the next hurdle without losing a set on his way to the final victory.

The match with Simona Halep was a turning point in that historic match for Poland. Swedek knocked down a Romanian woman at the highest point. At the same stage of the competition in Paris, it was an incredible review against a top-ranked and experienced competitor who threw a Polish woman aboard a similar style a year ago. Iga sent a signal to the world – my tennis is fainting. Dear competitors, fear not!

– I grew up playing games like this. Everything was working for me. I tactfully did everything the coach had told me before. I would say it was the perfect match for me – Iga said after the match. The rest is history.

Avistek was the first Polish tennis player in history to win a Grand Slam title, and was immediately praised by some of the best tennis experts. Avistek was acclaimed for its extraordinary maturity, distinctive movement around the court and powerful forehand blows, which almost breaks scams from the wrists of their competitors.

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Pure talent, backed by Titanic works.

“Everyone around Iga is energetic. At the end of Roland Carros we were the coach, manager, psychologist, dad and uncle who also played TV shows together. Uncle was also a success. I must congratulate him on his discourse and courage. Anyway, I even told him this .wiątek to my friends Due to the fact that I can not break the vision, ha!

Wiątkowo wants to conquer the world “- said Wojciech Fibak Interview with Onet Sport.

With the match in Paris, the Polish woman ended the tennis season to begin the first business season of her career. Naturally, around such a talented representative of global morality, a crowd of big corporations appeared, eager to warm up in the glow of his success. There were even worries that the 19-year-old would deal with all the confusion that arose around him. The answer is whether or not Roland Crosby is in form once at the February Australian Open.

In Melbourne, fate again associated the Polish woman with Halep. This time, after a fantastic match, Romanian was in first place, but போwiątek proved once again that even wars with leaders are no longer an achievement for her. Best tennis player Wojciech Bibak praised his performance and his class in Melbourne.

– He should be very proud of his performance at the Australian Open. He confirmed that what happened in France was not an accident. After some good matches, including Halep, he also delivered some of the best tennis. The Romanian player played in one of the best matches I have seen in a long time, and Iga did not stand alone from her. This fight could have ended the other way, and Swedech could have reached a higher goal. He is already at the forefront and in a moment he will further strengthen this position. In the years to come, Iga could really cause a mess. Of course for a long time – he rated in “Preslet Sportowi”. In his opinion, ąwiątek has a talent that shares with her to some extent Novak Djokovic: he can win on any surface and anywhere in the world.

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After Melbourne, the 19-year-old set out to capture the party in Adelaide. It took off like a hurricane, knocking out more competitors from the court.

First, American Madison Frankl, who had no problems with him, won the Grand Slam Roland Carros 6: 3, 6: 4, after two smooth sets. In the 1/8 finals against Australian Madison England, he left his rival, who won 6: 1, 6: 3, without any illusions.

The quarterfinal with American Daniel Collins – despite her best moments – was really one-sided, and despite admitting that the match ended due to a back injury, ąwiątek had to admit that it was simply beautiful. – It’s a pity we didn’t finish the meeting, it’s definitely not an easy situation for her. I enjoy my game and have shown good tennis. I’m excited about the promotion – she said after the game on Thursday. It is worth noting that in the previous round Collins removed the world ranking leader American Ashley Party.

One of the alternatives to the competition with the American girl may already be a candidate for one of the best games of the season. The Polish team went in a fantastic way from defense to attack and sent the ball to Collins’ side who could not collect it.

Ąwiątek combines tennis strength elements with technological masterpieces. It is characterized by the best expectation of the competitors’ intentions. One such act took the official WTA profile by surprise. The Polish woman ran out of deep defense and ran into the net at a time when 3/4 tennis players had made a different decision. He closed the point with a technical masterpiece.

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In the semifinals on Friday, Swedek easily won the set 6: 3, 6: 2 with Swiss Jill Belen Teachman, who recently defeated Latvia’s Anastasia Sevastova, who was better than himself. This means ąwiątek will be fighting for the title on Saturday.

On Saturday, in the final, ąwiątek will face Belinda Penn. The Swiss advanced to the final after a nearly three-hour battle with another brilliant young man, Corey Kauf.

Wiątek is hard to believe the pace at which he is improving his tennis skills. Business websites acknowledge: “Iga aims to be number one in the world in the future.” Swedech and his fans believe he will take this next step in Adelaide, where he has the support of a fantastic white and red fan base. – I feel like I’m playing in Poland and they are so happy to cheer me up – the 19 – year – old laughed after the quarterfinals. After the semi-final he added: – When I play well, I am happy. I think I will present even better tomorrow. I play very solidly – said wiątek.

At first the tennis fans, Agnieszka crossed her fingers for Radvaska and then shivered when she finished her life, fearing that tennis players at this level in the Vistula River would not come for the next decades and could sleep well. All Signs Saturday’s finale is one of the early stops of a pretty promising career.