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Natalia Kriglevska became the 2020 Miss Polonia. What do we know about her? He graduated in an extraordinary field of study

This year’s final exhibition Miss Poland It took place on March 8, 2020 at the Grand Theater in Ada. 19 candidates appeared on stage – 19th place candidate Justina Jorsuska was unable to perform due to ill health.Although the selection was difficult, only one woman was able to win the most beautiful crown. Natalia Kriglevska received the crown from the hands of Miss Polonia Carolina Bilavska last year. In addition to the crown, Miss Polonia also received awards valued at PLN 60,000.

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Miss Polonia 2020. What do we know about the winner?

Participants in this year’s Miss Polonia 2020 do not have much time on stage to tell about themselves. Initially, only their short autobiographies were read, and then the final five individual questions were answered. So what do we know about the latest Miss Polonia?

Natalia Kriglevska lives in Czestochowa, where she is 22 years old. The winner of the Miss Polonia 2020 crown is a new graduate in medical diets at Silesia Medical University. Kriglevska, however, continued his education – however, he went to Warsaw for his postgraduate studies. As she admits, travel is her biggest passion.

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Kriglevska is very active on social media. Thanks to the Facebook overlay with red lightning on the profile picture, we know he supports the women strike.

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Kriglevska’s Instagram has many photos from around the world.

Natalia Kriglevska’s Instagram account has over 160,000 views. It is not surprising that Kriglevska plays the role of an Instagram. After winning the title of Miss Polonia 2020, do you think her life will accelerate? Milena Sadovska, Agatha Byrne, Isabella Krson and Paulina Krubiska also seem to have a good chance at the Miss Polonia pageant.