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Famous designer and mafia links. “Old Bruskov” behind the extortion scandal

The Bruskowski gang was behind the extortion scandal in the Warsaw fashion world – RMF FM’s investigators found out. According to the findings of the Attorney General’s Office, one of the members of the “old group”, Chrysstof O, was involved in publishing left invoices, as well as a well-known fashion designer among others. Łukasz J.’s lawyer explains that his client was manipulated in this scandal.

Krzysztof O. The nickname “Krugona” – as it turns out from the investigation materials – is forcing one of the entrepreneurs to issue false invoices to many Warsaw companies operating in the fashion industry. One of them The company of a famous designer. In the case of Łukasz J., we see Fr. 8 invoices for a total of approximately PLN 350,000.

Since the beginning of March, “Gruconi” has been pursued with an arrest warrant. He is also suspected of aiding and abetting tax evasion, in addition to allegedly extorting money from other members of the “old Brusco” board.

The costume designer was questioned separately. The indictment was sent to one of the Warsaw courts earlier this year. Łukasz J. was charged with VAT fraud and aiding and abetting such frauds that he was supposed to provide to another fashion company – among others by providing contacts with the person who executed the left invoice.

My client is a victim of the Wat Mafia – Says lawyer for famous fashion designer Łukasz J. Jacek Ciepluch. His translations show it Łukasz J. should be deceived by fraudsters, he was manipulated in this scandal.

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A company came to the company of a designer who volunteered to create new sales channels for his products. He collected the paycheck and issued an invoice, but – as Attorney Seaplach said – he did not pay taxes. “If my client knew about this practice, he would never cooperate with this company,” he said. The designer, upon learning of the case, promised to adjust his tax return and settle the amount with interest.

Attorney Seaplus also promises it His client does not know Krzysztof O. Although he has seen him, he does not know who he is.

In the indictment, Łukasz J. is accused of sending the name of the company that executed the left invoice to his friend. My client denies it, and we do not agree with this charge – the lawyer replied.