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Bayern Munich beat Panterlica! A giant step towards the ninth consecutive football title

One of the key questions ahead of Saturday’s game is who will be replaced in the attack Bayern Munich Robert Lewandowski. “Kicker” reporters said that Serge Knabry, who usually appears on the wing, will play in place of the pole. Eventually, however, coach Flick decided on a different solution. He bet on Iron Reserve Lewandowski, 32-year-old Maxim Sopbo-Motting, and Knabri only sat on the bench. This is a surprise because the Cameroonian have only scored one goal in sixteen Bundesliga games this season.

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Lewandowski’s injury. How big is Bayer’s problem?

“We turned down big offers for Lewandowski, and Robert agreed with me.”

Koredska’s beautiful goal decided

It was a match of excellent attacking defense (Bayern – 78 goals)Leipzig – 21 lost, thirteen clean accounts of Peter Gulasi). The teams scored six goals in the first match in Munich (3: 3). In the second path, there is no sign that the hail of goals will come again. They often attacked the hosts, but it did not result in much, and Bayern waited for his chance like an experienced boxer. As Robert Lewandowski played, his game did not have the complexities of previous games. Interestingly, however, his replacement was Maxim Chow-modinga who wrote the first dangerous act of the match, which was only in the 23rd minute. After the counter-attack, he took the ball in the penalty area, but from ten meters he shot near the post.

A quarter of an hour later the German champions reached their goal after a beautiful team action. Kimmich hit the first ball to M முller in the penalty box, he deflected the defender, went to the running Koretska, and he fired beautifully into the window from eleven meters. Not even Leipzig goalkeeper Peter Gulasi was scattered. With that goal in mind, Bayern Munich broke the club’s record for most goals scored in 62 games. So far, the Munich team had the best result when Pep Cardiola was the coach of the team for the 2013-2014 season.

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After just 240 seconds in the second half, R.P. Leipzig made more of an attack than the first half. Christopher Nung and Marcel Sabitzer fired from eleven meters, but next to the post. They are good situations to compensate. He wasted his best in the 52nd minute Danny OlmoCoincidentally, after a ricochet, he got the ball in the thirteenth meter but missed the goal, unnoticed by the defenders. The hosts decided to play better in attack, they were able to keep the ball for a long time, not to mention some consistent passes. They fired five shots in eleven minutes!

Bayern decided in the first quarter of the hour and focused only on defending counter-attacks. However, later, he was able to get his rivals out of tune again. He also had a chance to increase the lead, but lost to Mல்லller Kulasi.

Following the win, Bayern have seven games to go, with R.P. Leipzig are seven points ahead and have won their ninth consecutive German championship. Just like last year, it again determines the fate of the title in almost the same order. Last season, Bayern lost 1-0 in the 28th round Borussia Dortmund And increased the advantage over her by seven points.

In the next round, on Saturday, April 10, Bayern takes part Union Berlin, And R.P. Leipzig will play against Werder Bremen.

Bundesliga Bayern Munich vs VfB Stuttgart, 20/03/2021Bayern Munich never relied on Robert Lewandowski! Crushing figures

R.P. Leipzig – Bayern Munich 0: 1 (0: 1)

Goal: Koretska (38.)

R.P. Lipsk: Gulasi – Closterman, Orban, Upamegano FROM – Mugiel FROM, Olmo (74. Sorlot), Adams (82. Hwang Hee-chan), Sabitzer FROM, Hydra (73. Paulsen) – Forburg (46. Cluvert), Nangungu.

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Byrne: New – Powert, Chool, Alaba, Hernandez FROM – Kimmich FROM, Koretska (72nd Musiala) – Sane (81st Martinez), M முller, Koman (72nd Knabri) – Chow-Motting.