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Millions for some, debts to others ::

Millions for some, debts to others ::

Heroes again! After failing to win the championship, FC Porto secured the potential second goal and secured his direct move to the group stage next season. With a relentless second half, the Sérgio Conceição team ended up with a Rio Ave that had been doing well up until then, but quickly succumbed to the opponent’s strength. And life is really complicated for Miguel Cardoso’s children …

They entered the match in a sensitive area and came under greater pressure after Varensee and Boavista won their matches. There was also little room for facilitation from the Dragons after Benfica’s win in the derby, but there was no pressure relief for this reason.

Study first …

Miguel Cardoso chose to return to play with three midfielders, in order to contain the strength of the new attacking duo of Sergio Conceicao. At the start of a rainy night and when the coin was in the air dictating the dragons downwind in the first part, the villagers, with more pressure on the shoulders of the rankings (defeat would be worrying, while for Porto did not impose his superiority on Benfica), they preferred containment.

Camacho was injured | © Vítor Parente / Kapta +

After they gathered again, they saw FC Porto become more dynamic at first, as Ottavio had space and worked well Tarimi between the lines. Conceição’s team took control of the match without any problems and managed to control the depth well, although Diogo Light was slower than the absent Mbemba. There was still some positional confusion in Rio Ave, especially on the part of Aderlan and Tarantini, but there was no despair. Other firefighters, like Felipe Augusto, were so full of fiber and density that they even hold the ball – something that usually just isn’t it. Beach.

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Here and there, spaces are emerging for the home team to take advantage of. With three very fast men in the lead (Camacho was injured, but Gabrielzinho was not at odds), joined by the defenders, Ryo Ave had the seasons, but there was a deficiency that never happened throughout the season: someone with the ability and the coolness to finish ( Not every year he leaves Tarimes…). Carlos Mane was the face of this growl, which would be very costly.

… resolved later

The first half was intense, but with the notion of no shots into the goal frame. Basically, the Rio Ave strategy became theoretical, as the second part brought the wind in favor and FC Porto’s need to put itself at risk. Everything just turned upside down.

Sérgio Conceição awakens the team that was falling behind in predictability in the second part, and in a short time, the game was solved. The first had a very good pass from Joao Mario to Tony Martinez, the second was running between Tarimi and Diaz, and the third was Diaz running again, with Sergio Oliveira entering and clinching it. Between 56 and 68 minutes, three goals Ryo Avee threw onto the carpet.

Diaz grew up and was the man of the game © Vítor Parente / Kapta +

In the retina, the signs of defenders’ Velacondeses were disoriented when the Porto players left the center. Above all, the swift disbelief, typical of the self-doubtful team that everything happens to, before a dark horizon. Suffice it to see that before Porto’s second goal, Dalla could have won Marcicin after a bad delay from Pepe … details that dictate fate.

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However, there was no separation from the situation, although it was noted that the standard had disappeared. Miguel Cardoso risked substitutions, even though he was giving the sense that FC Porto were close to scoring more goals, even though he didn’t do so until the end.