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Military officer Hubert Faure, D-day watcher, dies at age 106 - news

Military officer Hubert Faure, D-day watcher, dies at age 106 – news

According to Agence France-Presse, Fawry was long forgotten.

In a statement, President Emmanuel Macron expressed the nation’s “gratitude to the army,” and extended his “sincere condolences and unwavering friendship” to the family members, as well as to “the naval leaders who inherited French Victory Day,” referring to Hubert Faure as “a tremendous lesson in commitment and heroism” “.

The “Free France” hero, Hubert Faure was one of 177 Frenchmen who landed on D-Day in Normandy, a bunch of brave men in the Freedom Fleet. [atual Colleville-Montgomery] And Ouistreham, they embodied France, were the soul of our nation, ”this is what was stated in the memorandum of the Ministry of Defense announcing the killing of the former fighter.

Of the same command, one survivor, Leon Gauthier, 98 years old.

Hubert Faure was captured in June 1940, and managed to escape and arrived in England.

Later, he joined the Free French Forces, after being part of the 1st Marine Corps Command Battalion under the command of Lieutenant Philippe Kieffer.

The regiment landed at Espada Beach, in Colleville Montgomery, on the far eastern side of the 80 km from the beaches where the Allies landed.

The battalion had trained in Scotland, where 27 deaths were recorded at the end of the Battle of Normandy in late August 1944.

Only in 1984 did President Francois Mitterrand honor them for the first time in Osterham. However, some survivors did not receive the Legion of Honor in 2004, during ceremonies for the 60th anniversary of the D-Day Landings, which caused some controversy.

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