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Chrome Google link browser novidade

Google Chrome gives browsing functionality together

It develops Google Chrome and provides very interesting news for your browser. With each new release, there are improvements and custom tools to make this suggestion easier to use and more attractive to users.

Recently, the search giant showed off another batch of Chrome news. Among them is a very interesting thing that will help users to navigate together without being near or on the same computer.

Another excellent new feature for Chrome

As the most-used browser on the Internet, Chrome needs to reinvent itself on a frequent basis. Google is not slow in the news list and is always trying to innovate and bring back what is not there that users need and want.

Proof of that Come now With this novelty. In the near future, it will be possible to share links pointing to specific areas of the web page. Everything will be, as expected, easy to use and without any complications for users and for those receiving such post.

Google Chrome browser link of freshness

The help comes in a simple link

As expected, this new feature in Chrome will require minimal user intervention and attention. Everyone who wants to create this link, just needs to specify the text wherever the user points and that is the interest.

Instantly the entry will be present in the context menu to copy and share a link. Everyone who receives the same link just needs to open it and access that location. The text will be selected and marked again so that it can be read.

Google Chrome browser link of freshness

Google is betting on your browser

There are more improvements coming to Chrome, such as new PDF menus, notifications for silencing a tab or naming these lists. Of course, there is also Google's focus on the stability and performance of this Google browser.

This is without a doubt excellent news from Google for Chrome and what it has to offer. The browser that dominates the Internet improves and adapts better to what users want and need to navigate this space.

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