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Microsoft announced Surface Laptop 4 with AMD or Intel processors

Microsoft announced Surface Laptop 4 with AMD or Intel processors

There is a big difference – about 300 euros in the price of versions of AMD and Intel processors. Betting on the evolution of an already established product line focused on mobility and building quality and productivity, we have the new Surface Laptop 4.

In Portugal, prices start at 1,149 euros, It will be available today in the pre-sale stage. It brings various accessories from the Surface line to complete user experience and workload. Let’s get to know these new best laptops!

Microsoft introduced the new Surface Laptop 4 computers

It is available in two sizes – 13.5 and 15 inches. Consumers can also choose between AMD or Intel processors, with large differences in price, with AMD chips being the most economical and, therefore, competitive solution.

Regardless of size chosen, Surface Laptop 4 reaches the consumer with Intel’s 11th generation processors, or AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series, featuring some of the best processors on the market, especially at Intel’s option.

It should be noted that Microsoft is not using the latest generation Ryzen 5000 processors here, as it selects the AMD Zen 2 chips for the Surface Laptop Pro which chooses this version. However, the performance difference will be minimal.

Available with Intel and AMD processors

With the caveat, we will have to wait for real-life testing to ascertain the potential power differences between the latest generation of Intel processors, and the more capable and least expensive version of AMD processors.

The four color schemes available for Surface Laptop 4

While preserving the design of the previous generation, there are several improvements in Surface Laptop 4, especially in terms of processing. Using new chips allows Microsoft to target Up to 70% increase in processing power In new notebooks.

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Additionally, there are some occasional improvements in battery autonomy. Either way, the increases are calculated based on the previous model – Surface Laptop 3.

Microsoft points Up to 19 hours of autonomy 13.5 ” Surface Laptop 4 battery, AMD processor. The 15-inch version with AMD processor can handle up to 17.5 hours of autonomy.

In contrast, the Intel processor and 13.5-inch version can reach 17 hours of autonomy. Finally, the 15 ” Surface Laptop 4 version with Intel chipset can handle up to 16.5 hours of laptop use.

Up to 70% improvement in processing power on Surface Laptop 4

Surface Laptop 4

In both sizes, Intel-powered Surface Laptop 4 will arrive with Iris Xe graphics. This card allows you to play relatively demanding titles like Overwatch in high definition (Full-HD standard) or 1080p, among other similar games.

Although values ​​like productivity over entertainment predominate in its origins, Microsoft has made sure to emphasize that the Laptop 4 is no excuse for a good gaming session. It’s not perfect to use at all, but it will hold up to some fun.

Especially for watching movies and series on their large, bright screens, with prolonged autonomy, our new laptops have the perfect companions for everyday life.

Microsoft laptop 4

Both models include Microsoft’s PixelSense 3: 2 touch screens, for either work or play. In terms of finishes, consumers can choose from Alcantara or aluminum In color Platinum e Britto Matte in Portugal.

The new Surface Laptop 4 also offers an integrated HD front-facing camera. It has more capacity in low-light conditions and a set of microphones ensures more sound quality in Internet calls and meetings.

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Laptops use a high-contrast, high-density touchscreen 201 pixels per inch And Dolby Atmos Omnisonic speakers. This allows you to offer a more immersive and comfortable experience.

Price and availability in Portugal

Microsoft laptop 4

Surface Laptop 4 is scheduled to arrive in Portugal the next day April 27.

Both models are available for pre-order in the Microsoft Store, specialty retailers and professional retailers, starting at € 1,149 for the 13.5-inch models and € 1499 for the 15-inch models.

The notebook can be configured using 8 GB up to 32 GB of RAM. a Internal SSD storage starts from 256GB up to 1TB, Combinations vary depending on the size of the laptop and processor selected.

Until April 26, Microsoft Store will have an exclusive offer where you will receive Surface Earbuds when purchasing Surface Laptop 4.

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