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Mental connection is Raz’s new psychological strength

Power will present a series of novelties to fight Psychonauts 2

Today (20) studio Double fine Released a new trailer for Play (Across Detective game), From Psychonauts 2, he highlights the new psychological power of Razputin Aquato, created by professional scientists: mental connection.

The strength allows Raz to link ideas, pass levels, and destroy enemies with some kind of hook. Not only that, it will also be possible to attract smaller enemies to your range, providing more agility and fluidity to the combat.

According to Tim Schaeffer, the game is filled with mind-boggling worlds and unforgettable characters, as well as a mix of comedy and great adventure features. This could mean walking through a dark world full of demon beings or going on a funny and colorful journey to awaken lost senses.

The game has what every jumping fan, platformer, and more crave. Companion Once It teaches the ability to bend the mind, “time bubble”, which can be used to reduce moving objects or obstacles to create temporary platforms, or to freeze moving enemies quickly enough PSI-Explodi-los. You literally control time and space.

Psychonauts 2 will not Xbox Game Pass When launched.

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