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Ball - Fernando Medina highlights Robin Amorim, Frederico Varandas and Coates (Sporting)

Ball – Fernando Medina highlights Robin Amorim, Frederico Varandas and Coates (Sporting)

Fernando Medina, Mayor of Lisbon, spoke at Paços do Concelho before the entire entourage of the 2020/2021 National Sports Champion. The mayor praised the club’s achievement, singing special words to Robin Amorim, Frederico Varandas and even Sebastian Coates.

“Congratulations to everyone for this great victory. Sporting is the national football champion in all fairness. Success is not the result of chance. This is a victory for business, efficiency and merit. Câmara de Lisboa joyfully represents the triumph of its clubs. Lisbon has never ceased celebrating its heroes and something else will be meaningless. Sporting is having a great moment and it is only fair that we duly take it into account. In addition to the title we celebrate today, he has become the European champion in futsal and ice hockey. I am well aware of the pride athletes and athletes feel for the selectivity of their club. Lisbon is the European capital of sport, and Sporting has made a remarkable contribution to our success “, he began by saying.

A special word by Robin Amorim. “Alfacinha de gem, whose career as a player and coach is a true hymn for clubs in Lisbon, with a short detour through Minho. Congratulations on the title, but also on being able to add a refreshing touch to Portuguese football. ”

Also for the players: “A team that includes many young people, many of whom have left the club’s formation, who promise a great future for national football and affirm that betting on the formation is truly a structural element in the club’s DNA. A special word to Sebastian Coates, who throughout this season was the image of the determination, determination and determination of this black team.

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And to the Council, in the person of President Frederico Varandas: “It starts to be Accustomed Of these celebrations. It is a year engraved in gold in the already long life of Sporting Club de Portugal and no one can deny this credit. ”

Finally, Fernando Medina addressed “all the athletes who demonstrate an example of fidelity, and pass this love on from generation to generation.” He said, “To illustrate the mystery and dimensions of Sporting, seeing thousands and thousands of children and young people with an open smile are celebrating today what they have never seen before: the champion of sport.”