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"Marija will win 15 million in three years, and Porto will cost 30 and so on."

“Marija will win 15 million in three years, and Porto will cost 30 and so on.”

Porto club president Jorge Nono Pinto da Costa said this Tuesday that the failure to renew Malian footballer Moussa Marega has nothing to do with the salary cuts, but that it is “pointless” to include the values ​​the striker will gain. Crescent da Saudi Arabia.

“The failure to renew the Marija system is not related to wage cuts. Marija was paid a high salary, and it is already known that Marija will earn 15 million [de euros] Clean them up in three years and it would cost FC Porto 30 million. There is no need to be expert In the math, or in football, to realize that this is not possible, ”Pinto da Costa said, confirming The values ​​presented by Maisfutebol in Marija’s negotiations with Al Hilal.

In a presentation of SAD’s recent financial situation for FC Porto, the company’s manager, Fernando Gomez, said: Explain the reasons With the purpose Bond loan increased to € 70 millionPinto da Costa also said that “next season is already under consideration,” and that Danilo Pereira’s deal with Paris Saint-Germain (16 million euros) and Vitina’s deal with Wolverhampton (20 million euros) removes “the pressure of needing to abandon any other player.” He wants to surrender.

On the other hand, he insisted that the subject of renewal with coach Sergio Conceicao is after the end of the 2020/2021 season. Referring to the Wednesday meeting, he said, “It has been said that we will talk about this at the end of the tournament. The tournament is not over yet. For us, the last match is taken with the same seriousness,” referring to the Wednesday meeting, in which Porto will receive Belenensis, in the 34th round of the league. The first Spaniard.

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Pinto da Costa also said that the bond loan “is intended for day-to-day management, to normalize accounts, to complete exit from fair play.” [financeiro]».