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Number of people vaccinated with two doses of Ciara is 21% higher than confirmed cases of Covid-19 - Sobral Online

Number of people vaccinated with two doses of Ciara is 21% higher than confirmed cases of Covid-19 – Sobral Online

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic in Ceará, he rose up We hope for better days The residents are cherished. According to the Health Secretariat (SESA), the number of people who have been vaccinated with two doses against the coronavirus is 21.36% higher Of the number of confirmed cases of the disease in the state. As of Monday (17), 749,540 cases of the virus had been recorded in the region, and on average, 909,659 people had already been immunized with D2.

In fact, the possibility of vaccination brought protection, as reported retired Irismar Rolim, 67, who received the second dose of CoronaVac in April. “I was very satisfied and happy, praise be to God, but I know that does not mean that I am completely safe because I took the second dose, only if it happened, the disease should be weaker.”

IAM relieved [com a vacinação]IRISMAR ROLIM Retired, but care continues

The same applies to municipal school teacher Inez Ferreira, 64, who does not deny that the vaccine has given her encouragement. “From the experience we have, really [o imunizante] It is very effective and very free. I trust, it is science, we have to trust. “

“Before, I had symptoms a lot. If I went out to the supermarket, I would come back thinking I had a fever, throat [ruim], Purely psychological. With the vaccine The feeling of safety is tremendousThen hope also increases. “

However, despite his happiness at receiving the vaccination, the teacher still lived in recurring fear. “It is happiness mixed with anguish, because in my house there are people who have already been vaccinated and others who are not immunized, because unfortunately the vaccine is not for everyone … It would be good if he was vaccinated.”

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CARES should be maintained despite immunization

According to an infectious disease physician and professor at the Federal University of Ciara Medical College (UFC), Monica Vakanha, The immunization process has not yet reached a very high percentageTo get more peace of mind in regards to transmitting the SARS-Cov-2 virus or, at least, in regards to serious cases that may occur. We’re getting better, but it’s still insignificant. We need to achieve very large coverage from 70% to 90% of people vaccinated so that we can make sure that we do not face any major problems. ”MÔNICA FAÇANHA, pathologist and professor at UFC

The infection specialist also warns that there is a risk of a third wave of cases, since “because there is resilience, people are more vulnerable, and sometimes they think that because they are able to leave the house, everything is possible and it is not the case.”

Of course, many need to gradually return to work or school, but this should not be done without protection. You have to be awareTake all precautions, “he continues.

Monica also explains that part of the population was neglected among people of the same coexistence cycle. “They think that people with the disease are strangers, not those people that we live with at home, but in these meetings, there may be an infection.”

Thus the doctor indicates that it is Basic Maintaining the use of masks, hand hygiene and social distancing – staying at least five feet away from other people. “These are things that we will need to keep in mind for a long time.”

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Source: Diário do Nordeste