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Marek Belka talks about the life and income of a retiree

On “iawiat się chwieje” aired on TOK FM, Marek Belka talked about his finances. In an interview with Grzegorz Sroczyński, he admitted that he is currently earning more in his career as an MEP. He added that the European Parliament had allowed Echo Polka to continue to be a member of the Properties Board of Directors.

Groskorsk asked Srokzyaski Belka that he was “infamously rich” for Polish conditions. The MEP responded, “He’s not a cynical rich man in the sense that he can not buy the investments that the rich make, but he earns disgustingly when the pay comes.”

Marek Belka He stressed that his earnings were not a secret because he was on the list at the time the information about the highest earning MEPs was released. However, as he says – he does not want to be stunned by the exact numbers. He honestly said that the amount he earns is “a little less and less than PLN 100,000 per month”.

– These are not amounts allowed to purchase land and real estate land. I live the good life of a very busy pensioner – he said in an interview on TOK FM.

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Source: TOK FM