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Katarina Furtado: "I got a video that disturbed me to the point of vomiting"

Katarina Furtado: “I got a video that disturbed me to the point of vomiting”

Presenter Katarina Furtado was not indifferent to a video that was sent to her on WhatsApp.

Using Instagram, Catarina Furtado We shared the discontent with ISIS attacks in the Cabo Delgado region, Mozambique.

“I received a video, sent by WhatsApp, that pissed me off really. To the point of vomiting. That was a couple days ago and I’m telling you today, I’m not sure why. I didn’t have time to focus on doing something because I’m not able to do anything”, they affirm Presenter, 48 years.

Catarina Furtado assures that the disaster in Cabo Delgado “has something to do with us”: “As a common humanity, it is absolutely imperative that we want to know and feel exasperated, shocked, and acted. We are gathering the necessary information so that we can act. Hundreds of women and children are beheaded. . Children watch their mothers killed, some carrying children on their backs. The men were killed without attention. The infrastructure was completely destroyed. “

“Religion, once again, is being exploited. The Muslim community of Mozambique has already come to assure that it bears no responsibility in relation to these extremely violent attacks. The weapons used come from outside the country. Social, political, economic and religious factors are being used to recruit young people. The international community must impose it. Each of us must make our voice heard! ”Added the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Fund. United Nations Population.

“I will never be able to view the video I received, but I needed everyone to watch … Let’s do what we have to do! Call for peace. Since 2017, more than 2,000 people have died and around 700,000 have been forced to move,” Katarina Furtado continues.

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