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Apple crushed the competition!  IPhone 12 was the best selling in January

Apple crushed the competition! IPhone 12 was the best selling in January

Counterpoint Research published its latest report on the number of smartphone sales globally in January, revealing somewhat unexpected data. There is no doubt that Apple is one of the biggest manufacturers today, but the iPhone 12’s dominance was simply amazing.

The list of the 10 best selling smartphones around the world was revealed during the month of January, and 6 smartphones from Apple. Moreover, there is no doubt that the top three are occupied by three models of iPhone 12, with the base version taking the first place with 6% of sales.

In addition to soaring demand for iPhones with support for 5G networks, the fact that Apple introduced its latest models later than expected ended up “pulling” a slew of sales to the start of the year.

Apple iPhone 12 was the best-selling flagship worldwide (January)

In addition to confirming it as the best-selling model among Apple smartphones, the iPhone 12 did not give its Android rivals a chance, at least during the month of January.

In fact, in the list published by Counterpoint, we don’t see any Android smartphones in the top 10 best selling smartphones. In addition to the Apple models, we only have two low-end Xiaomi smartphones and two mid-range Samsung phones.

The big difference ends up being the Redmi 9A and Redmi 9, being models priced under 120 euros, which once again proves the great demand for cheap smartphones.

In terms of Samsung models, we have the Galaxy A21S in the seventh place and the Galaxy A31 in the ninth place. These are mid-range models that manage to offer a good price / quality ratio for fans of the South Korean brand. It is strange that no Android smartphone has made it to the list of 10 best smartphones.

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Sure, the February schedule will show completely different results.

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