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Kamala Harris, the lawmaker said to outpace Biden, remains in the shadows

Kamala Harris, the lawmaker said to outpace Biden, remains in the shadows

US President Joe Biden was in the spotlight in his first address to both Houses of Congress, but the scene behind him was historic. And for the first time, in addition to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, there was a female vice president who was Kamala Harris. Something Biden himself confessed: “Madam speaking. Madam Vice President. No president has ever said these words from this stage and the time has come,” he said in his speech on the eve of his 100th day in the White House.

Kamala Harris, 56, made history as the first woman, first African American and first Indian to be elected vice president of the United States. Many, the former Biden opponent in the race for the Democratic nomination, believed that with his ambition he could steal stardom from the president, the oldest person to reach the White House, at 78. The fact that Biden presented himself on the campaign trail as a candidate for “transition,” has already focused his attention on Harris as the presidential candidate in 2024. But it seems that the vice president is not thinking about it. Presenting himself as an ideal partner, present at major meetings and decision-making moments, and building his relationship with Biden, without always casting a shadow over him.

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