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Windows 10 Microsoft monitores apps problema

Microsoft resolves the issue of screens and running apps

Even with all the care and attention Microsoft puts into developing Windows 10, it has some unique behaviors. These are occasional situations, but they bother many users, as they are so frequent and have no solution.

Using a second screen and the way apps are constantly re-tweaking is one such example, but this, in the end, has a solution in sight.

This is not a new problem and it has been claimed by long time Windows 10 users. When using a second screen, which is normal for those who use a laptop, when opening Windows 10, the open applications change the screen without any apparent reason. .

This behavior is naturally unwanted and conflicts with what users want when using the system. It forces them to constantly arrange their applications in the various spaces available, which is something that should not be necessary.

Solutions appeared periodically but without a final solution. The problem was identified as Rapid Hot Plug Detect, such as Described By Microsoft, which apparently gets activated when Windows 10 locks and unlocks.

However, Microsoft will succeed in overcoming this situation and issued a correction. Thus, you will finally ensure that the application windows are on their original screen and users will not have to rearrange their sites.

For now, as is usual with Windows 10 and Microsoft, it will be testing it in the Insiders Program for some time. After this maturity, it will be launched for all users.

This new feature will likely arrive at the end of the year on Windows 10. It will be possible to solve problems with laptops or desktops, as long as they have an additional monitor, regardless of the make or model of any PC or monitors.

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