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José Castelo Branco accuses TVI of assaulting Zizi Camarinha

José Castelo Branco accuses TVI of assaulting Zizi Camarinha

yOssi Castelo Branco recalled the episode he lived in at one of the parties of the reality show ‘Casa dos Segredos – Struggle for Power’, when Zezé Camarinha attacked him, after blaming TVI for such a moment.

During an Instagram Live with Andreia Silva of “Love On Top,” José Castelo Branco said: “I went in stupid, my mother didn’t want to, that was before my mother died. She always said: anything but a show where there was a certain person. It was my mother Already in a very high spirituality. I accepted, and something really tragic happened and I still have a sign of it. I broke my foot in a big and violent way…”

Then I had this heartening sight of the noble master of the Algarve [Zezé Camarinha], you know… he was stung for doing this and he hired directors, put in presenters [Teresa Guilherme] I don’t know what… So “.

But she did not stop there and recalled other reality shows in which he participated. Among them he counted:The Celebrity Circus was the least I liked. I didn’t like it because I wasn’t a big fan of the circus owner. You scared me so much. The cameras didn’t show it, but whenever he could, he had the obsession that he’s male and I hate it. Because the male, when well resolved, well resolved, does not have these problems. When people are homophobic, there is something… Later, later, I got to know a few things, but it doesn’t matter. ”

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