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Biden lands in Europe to rally allies and strengthen the transatlantic alliance

Biden lands in Europe to rally allies and strengthen the transatlantic alliance

US President Joe Biden hopes to restore confidence and galvanize allied democracies in Europe during the first international round of his presidency, which kicks off Thursday 10 June in the United Kingdom.

“Foreign policy has not been a priority for the administration, but Biden is sincere in this desire to renew and strengthen the transatlantic alliance,” Portuguese-American political scientist Daniela Melo, who teaches at Boston University, told Lusa.

“For Biden, this is the first opportunity in terms of foreign policy to move from words to deeds, in terms of global governance,” the expert considered, highlighting issues of COVID-19 vaccination, climate change, international trade and democracy. Itself.

In a White House briefing before the visit began, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan explained the administration’s goals with an eight-day agenda that will stop multiple times.

“This trip, in essence, will advance the fundamental thrust of Joe Biden’s foreign policy: stimulating the world’s democracies to meet the great challenges of our time,” Sullivan said.

The agenda includes the first summit between the United States of America and the European Union since 2014, which will address hot topics such as trade tariffs imposed by former President Donald Trump, disputes related to subsidies for airlines, Boeing and Airbus and also the regulation of technology companies. .