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APBI organiza conferência sobre “Os dados ao serviço da saúde no mundo lusófono”

Jornal Médico – APBI organizes a conference on “Data in Health Service in the Portuguese-Speaking World”

APBI Organizes Conference on “Data in Health Service in the Portuguese-Speaking World”

The Portuguese Business Intelligence Association (APBI) is organizing the conference “Data in the service of health in the Portuguese-speaking world” to be held on the 5th and 6th of May, with the aim of being an event covering all the concerned Health actors in Portugal and in the Lusophone community.

In a statement, the association explained that “in the current conditions, in which the world’s population lives conditional due to the spread of a pandemic, data play an increasingly important role in building effective and effective strategies in the prevention, treatment and control of the spread of Covid-19.”

He also stresses that “timely decision-making faces constant challenges due to the unexpected development of the epidemic. Evidence is the key to the answers, which you want to prove, not demagogues,” but for the existence of health evidence, “structured data is necessary.”

Our vision, as an entity that promotes and disseminates good practices Business intelligence e Big data, Is the contribution to the use of a very important asset, the information accumulated in the organizations, the data, and how we can extract knowledge from it to support decision-making, ”he explains.

APBI notes that the purpose of this conference is to learn and share the most diverse case studies, to identify best practices and examples of advances that technology is bringing to the health sector.

He concludes, “In addition, we seek to strengthen cooperation between the various parties to learn about planning, budgets, public policies, support for the private sector, as well as future expectations for the academic world.”

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