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Is Helena Isabel getting a 'message' from Cristina Ferreira's hairstylist?  "She doesn't even want you on TVI."

Is Helena Isabel getting a ‘message’ from Cristina Ferreira’s hairstylist? “She doesn’t even want you on TVI.”

Helena Isabel received a private message, on her Instagram account, and decided to share it. In the “Stories” on her page, Al-Faqih offered to print the words she received from the concerned Internet user.

“It’s sad that there is a public figure who is supposed to take over her profile and make it private and still block out everyone who follows her…while there are supposed to be people who like her and follow her for some reason or affinity… I’m Cristina Ferreira’s hairdresser, it’s not for nothing that you’ve been a TVI fan and she doesn’t even want you there… keep up your studies, you’ll probably graduate at 50. I don’t know if you would be taken seriously with that stereotype and this kind of attitude. I was going to text you yesterday in person at IKEA but you were so busy listening to the acoustics that I decided not to say anything, to have a good time”, lê-se.

The former “Big Brother-Duplo Impacto” competitor responded, explaining that she has had an 8-year license and that she will always be directed:

“Someone explain to this guy that I will continue studying my whole life!!!! Let this guy also know that I have been licensed since 2013!”, guaranteed.

Helena Isabel did not stop there and spoke of why she did not welcome “Your Majesty”:

“This guy calls himself Christina Ferreira’s Private Hairstylist. Cristina Ferreira loves good holes in her hair and everything”, fired, later adding:

“I don’t like being approached! I don’t like being in a place and that, in a way, I’m being watched Or ask me very intimate questions as if you’ve known me for years! I do not like! (…) And when I get close to DIVAS I feel even more embarrassed.”, I acknowledge.

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Helena Isabel also explained that at the moment she does not work in the TV district, but continues to work in her district, as always:

“I’m happy! I’m done! I’m calm!”, I acknowledge.