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5 related issues of the week

5 related issues of the week

eThis week marked the launch of the IVAucher program and the presentation of the next steps for the decontamination plan — the next phase of which begins on June 14. At the same time, the United Kingdom announced the removal of Portugal from the “green list”, which is unpleasant news for Portuguese tourism.

Always updated Minute News He evaluated this week’s key moments that include several sectors. Get to know them by key numbers.

  • IVAucher can return to consumers more than 200 million Planned

On Monday, Finance Minister Joao Liao opened the door for funding for the IVAucher programme, which begins on June 1, to be boosted. In addition, the government expects that there will be “strong commitment” to the initiative aimed at supporting the recovery of the sectors most affected by the pandemic – restaurants, accommodation and culture.

  • Brussels recommends that financial rules remain suspended in 2022

On Wednesday, the European Commission adopted a formal recommendation that fiscal discipline rules remain temporarily suspended in 2022, to allow member states to confront the unprecedented crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Public debt has been reduced to 272.7 billion in April

Public debt in the eyes of Maastricht – which is credited to Brussels – fell to 272.7 billion euros as of April, according to data updated this Tuesday by the Bank of Portugal (BdP). It should be noted that the public debt in March amounted to 254,776 million.

  • COVID-19. Portugal with 19% of the fortified population. Nordic vaccination more

According to the weekly report on the vaccination process against Covid-19, released on Tuesday by the Directorate General of Health (DGS), 19% of the entire population in Portugal (1,979,425 people) has already been vaccinated and 37% have already received vaccinations. The first dose of the vaccine (3,757,395 citizens).

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  • Portugal leaves the “Green List” to the United Kingdom. The decision is effective on the day 8 from June

Britain’s Department of Transport has announced that Portugal, including the Madeira archipelago and the Azores, will leave the “Green List” for international travel from the UK on Tuesday at 4:00 am. The Portuguese Tourism Confederation (CTP) has called the British government’s decision “disastrous” for Portuguese tourism.

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