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WhatsApp áudios novidade mensagens ouvir

If you send audios via WhatsApp, you will love the upcoming news

As one of the largest messaging services on the Internet, WhatsApp provides users with many ways to communicate. Not only is there text exchange, it goes much further, with voice messages and even video and voice calls.

With constant improvements and innovations, he wants to offer users the best. The latest discovery reveals that it will soon have a new feature, focused on transmitted votes that gives users complete control over what they will contain.

Change in WhatsApp messages

If the majority of WhatsApp users focus on exchanging text messages, then many users prefer to send audios. These messages are easier to create, just dictating to the smartphone what we want to send, without wasting time writing.

Of course, everyone who receives messages has its advantages as well, as it is easy to understand. Instead of having to read messages, without context or intonation, the user receives sounds as if the sender had to give it to himself.

What's new for audio recordings

The problem that often occurs is not knowing if the spelled messages are correct. The audio cannot be listened to before sending it, which usually results in the audio being deleted and repeated over and over.

To end this situation, WhatsApp has a new feature soon. The review option, believed to be intended for listening to audios, has been found to be under testing. When this new button is pressed, it should be possible to hear the recorded sounds before they are transmitted.

Grandma messages WhatsApp audios listen

You will be able to hear everything before sending

The popular channel revealed modernity WABetaInfo, Is still in internal testing, without being available on the test channel. It is expected to appear soon for evaluation in both Android and iOS versions.

This is an excellent novelty for those who rely on WhatsApp to send audios. It is easier to review all messages before they are sent, which saves you time when registering new messages or problems when sending with failures or errors.

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