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Francisco Geralds released his first book - Rio Ave.

Francisco Geralds released his first book – Rio Ave.

“Cito, Longe, Tarde” is the title of the publication of the poems of the Rio Ave player

Francisco Geralds is passionate about literature and has just announced, on social networks, the launch of his first book. “Cito, Longe, Tarde” is the title of the post created by Rio Ave moderator, and it’s a book of poems.

“I never thought that this would be the end result whenever I wrote or wrote some thoughts, in the poetry log, in my notebook, something I do over and over again. In this sense, my poems are an exercise in what I have tried searching for answers to the basic questions for me that worry me the most. But also about the absurdity of our existence and the smallness of us in this vast universe, “he began by referring to Geralds, in his Instagram account. “I think it couldn’t be more honest because every text started from something that already exists, be it a feeling, an event, or even a state of mind, and is therefore not a creation out of nothing. As I said recently in an interview, I think that when we finish reading the book, We are no longer the same person we were when we opened it. So I hope you enjoy the journey and touch it or sympathize with it in your own way, “he continued.

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