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I found a woman missing since 2020 living in a tent in the woods

I found a woman missing since 2020 living in a tent in the woods

UA woman who disappeared about six months ago was found living in a tent in a woodland area in Utah, USA. The woman survived, feeding on weeds and algae, says the New York Post.

The 47-year-old woman, whose name has not been released, was found Sunday in a remote area of ​​Uinta-Wasatch-Cache Nature Park.

“This woman lost a lot of weight and was weak, but she was aware of it,” said the police, who believed she had moved on purpose.

The woman reportedly ate some food with her, and was also feeding on weeds and algae. I managed to get to the water thanks to a nearby river.

The police have been searching for the woman since November 2020, when her car was found next to this park. Using a drone, the authorities flew over the area, looking for clues. On Sunday, they met a tent and the woman was inside.

She is believed to be suffering from psychological problems and has already been hospitalized for a medical evaluation. The authorities believe that upon discharge from the hospital, the woman will want to return to live in the tent.

The authorities also made clear that although they hope that no one will want to live in the same conditions, it is certain that the woman has not done anything that violates the law.

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