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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with problems on your S Pen

According to the information from SamMobile, it seems that in 2019 Samsung high-end devices are facing an issue that causes the S Pen to disconnect from time to time.

Series Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Including the basic form and Galaxy Note 10+ Apparently facing a problem that affects S Pen. Several users recently started to complain about this problem.

According to the information received from SamMobileAnd devices Samsung On top of the 2019 range, it looks like they are facing an issue that causes their S Pen to disconnect from time to time. This may mean that certain functions and features cannot be used in Samsung From the series Galaxy Note 10, Including Air Shares.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with issues on S Pen 1
Galaxy Note 10 e Note 10 Plus

Although the S Pen disconnect issue is not a completely new problem, its incidence has increased recently. Some users Samsung Galaxy Note 10 They found that the problem began to appear shortly after the security patch was installed in March 2021 or April 2021. Although there is no evidence to support this statement at this time.

But users are frustrated with this issue, and they asked for Samsung To correct this problem. According to some users, they are getting a disconnect error as soon as the S Pen is removed from the site. Additionally, the issue still persists even if the S Pen is returned to the site. Curiously, though, the S Pen is separated from the Galaxy Note 10 e Galaxy Note 10+, Users can still use it to browse and click Screen.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with issues on S Pen 2

However, they cannot use Air Actions to control camera, size, and browse photos in the Gallery app. According to various reports, it is clear that this problem began to appear in the middle of 2020 without solutions at the present time. Unfortunately, no Technique South Korea has yet to solve the problem and will not send any corrections, so stay tuned for more updates on this topic.

If you end up encountering this problem, let us know what you think in the comments.

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