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Daniel Martinique is now divorced, will he remarry soon ?!

Another marriage in the Martoniog family? According to one of the tabloids, Daniel’s current partner, 31, and his ex – member are said to be pushing for a marriage. Zenek and Tanuta are said to be broken …

The divorce of Geneck Martinique’s only son last year made headlines in the color media.

Although Daniel’s ex – wife and his daughter’s mother, Evelina of Russos, did not attempt to comment in the newspapers, Donuta Martinique and Daniel were very enthusiastic.

Geneck’s wife later regretted her statements and apologized to Evelina.

Interestingly, even before the divorce, the newspapers reported that Daniel had comforted himself in the arms of his ex-girlfriend Fastina.

It seems that this relationship continues to this day and, moreover, will end in a marriage.

According to “Super Express”, the woman is said to want to formalize their relationship!

“Fastina insists he does not want to” join, he wants to be Ms Martinique, he has been pushing for a marriage for months “- a member of the Martinique family told the newspaper.

Unfortunately, there is no point in counting the support of the prospective parents-in-law.

“Daniel’s parents are devastated by his behavior and they can not predict what he will do. They do not want to comment on what he is doing, even in the chest of the family,” says an informed source in the newspaper.