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History: China has landed its first rover on Mars

This is another historic step in space exploration. After the United States was the first country to successfully place an explorer robot on the nearest planet, Mars, it is now China’s turn to achieve this achievement, becoming the second country in the world to place a rover vehicle on the red planet, according to Chinese official sources.

The new China News Agency (Xinhua) said that the Tianwen-1 spacecraft, without any crew, landed on a vast plain known as Utopia Planetia, leaving a Chinese imprint on Mars for the first time.

The spacecraft called Zhurong, named after the legendary Chinese god of fire, revealed the solar panels and antenna and began sending signals to ground controllers more than 320 million kilometers away, according to reports, a historic achievement for China, which began space activity before A few years, and significant breakthroughs in space exploration.

Chinese officials said the rover will now inspect the landing site from May 22 to conduct inspections. The craft has six scientific instruments, including a high-resolution topographic camera on board, to study the surface, soil and atmosphere of the red planet, allowing scientists to receive more information about Mars.

The Zhurong robot also searches for signs of life, including any groundwater and ice, using ground-penetrating radar, in an effort to find out if there is life today, or if there has been any trace of life in the past.

The Tianwen-1 mission began in July last year, with the launch of the rocket that took the probe on its way to Mars, and it did not approach the red planet until February, and only now is China beginning to land. In the Red Planet, which proved successful and made it the second country to land on Mars, and eventually overtook Russia on this journey

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