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De Legit: "Juventus Reem shapes the way I dress"

De Legit: “Juventus Reem shapes the way I dress”

In his second season in Italy, Matisse de Ligt recalled his early days at Juventus and admitted his dress code was a reason to laugh in the dressing room.

“I don’t like expensive clothes. I’m Matjugs, I’m myself and they won’t see me coming to training in a custom-made suit. My profession is to be a soccer player, I want to be a star on the field. Sometimes in the club they make fun of me for the way I dress, but I don’t care. Whenever I dress well and this outfit reflects my behavior, I feel satisfied. The most important thing is that you have performance on the field. If that is the case, then they respect you much more than if you wear a certain uniform, “he said in a statement to De Volkskrant.

The Dutch international admitted that the players in Italy are in a different position compared to the Netherlands. “Play good or bad, you are a hero of the fans. In the Netherlands I was a normal kid playing football. In Italy, a football player is at the head of society. I like that they value us, but it’s also nice to walk quietly on the Dutch streets, ”he said.

The 21-year-old defender paid tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo. “The way Ronaldo is, how he remains at the top and the mind at 36 … is amazing. Chiellini loves Buffon too, despite being 43.” He concluded by saying, “Everyone is very professional.”

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