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Harry and Megan received a “cheek” at the last official ceremony

  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will long remember their last public ceremony in the line of the British Royal Family
  • Prince William tried to save the case, but one detail revealed how Megan Markle and Prince Harry were humiliated.
  • “When Harry learned that he and Megan were so marginalized – and during their last appearance – he became angry,” said the War of the Brothers.

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At the beginning of March, a year had passed Megan Markle I Prince Harry They have made a decision Abandonment of the rights and duties enjoyed by members of the British Royal Family. However, they are also associated with their last public appearance during state ceremonies Unpleasant memories. It turns out Meghan and Harry were humiliated.

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Indigenous couples have not had a better magazine latelyThen Oprah gave a loud interview to Winfrey. New facts about the life of the “royals” are also coming to light. A new light is shed on the last days of Megan and Harry in the royal family line by the book “The War of the Brothers. The Breaking History of the William, Harry and Windsor Family.”. It describes the couple’s last official departure on March 9, 2020. Then Duke and Duchess of Sussex They appeared at the official Commonwealth Day celebrations Outside Westminster Abbey in London. Even then There is a very unpleasant situation that gives too much food to the mind.

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Meghan and Harry received a “cheek” at the last official ceremony

The form of the processionIt will walk through the main aisle of the abbey that day, It also depends on the protocol requirements. According to the law of preference and preference, The Queen was to follow the Commonwealth flag and the Messiah, along with Prince Charles and Camila and William and Kate, all of whom were included in the Senior Royal. (So-called “senior” Royals) – and herds of celebrities, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson. However, Harry and Megan were not included in this high-ranking government board. Relatives below the line (“Junior” Royals):Like all other members of the congregation they will try to squeeze in their seats Sit next to the other “juniors”, Edward and Sophie Wessex.

Photo: Newspaper / BE&W Agency

Megan Markle and Prince Harry

It is not difficult to guess The Duke and Duchess of Sussex must have been offended Set aside. Interestingly, Harry’s brother Prince William decided to save the caseHe is not known for his particularly loving relationship with his brother. Dangerous day, William and Kate He decided to sit in the cathedral next to Harry and Megan.

When Harry finds out that he and Megan have been sidelined for so long – This was during their last appearance – He was angry. His addictive “presence” character cannot be better explained – One of the main reasons for this sad division. In the week prior to the ceremony, phone calls and emails were exchanged with the flu (service was to take place on Monday afternoon) and Fortunately, Prince William was wiser than his deputy. He, along with Harry and Uncle Edward, announced that Kate would happily leave the procession and take seats in the Legislature.. It’s a small but significant gesture of reconciliation “- we read further in the book” The War of the Brothers “. William, Harry and the Story of the Breakup of the Windsor Family”.

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Prince Harry, Princess Kate and Prince William

Unfortunately, not everything is successfully hidden.

“The only problem is that two thousand festivals have already been printed and distributed in the temple, it said The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will cross the main road with the most important members of the royal family – however, nothing is mentioned about William’s brother and his wife. So everyone was able to see in black and white anyway upokorzono Harry’ko I Megan – Reveals the author of the book “The War of the Brothers. The Divorce of the William, Harry and Windsor Family”.

Photo: Francis Dias / Newsfix International Instant / Agenza P&W

Megan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton

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