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Gordophobia?  Ines Heredia defends Christina Ferrera and answers the message: "Blame me ..."

Gordophobia? Ines Heredia defends Christina Ferrera and answers the message: “Blame me …”

Christina Ferrera and Ines Heredia have been accused of bullying and “gordophobia” on social media, after TVI’s director of entertainment and fantasy shared a scene from the soap opera “Festa é Festa” in which the actress starred in a scene in which she talks about her “chubby there again” situation : “Fat women are back there so they fill the stage and that’s a good thing because it gives volume and people think a lot of people are there.Nilina says to the village priest.

The scene has been shared on social networks, and many criticisms can be read in the comment box:Sad comment for chubby girls“Or”This scene contradicts everything Christina defends and even published a book on bullying, completely contradictory and sad. “

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Influencer Katarina Rochinaha shared on Instagram a video in which she left heavy criticism of Christina Ferrera and Ines Heredia: “Imagine this joke about any other minority … Oh, what a scandal! As for the obese, it does not matter. is over. No! TVI, you are so sad. Kristinas from Life who talk about bullying and breaking stereotypes. Madam, not only sell magazines! Too much politics, for this?He began by saying.

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Ines Heredia used social media to respond to criticism, starting with taking responsibility for Nellenha’s “words” and acquitting Christina Ferrera: “All the signs I’ve seen on the broadcast about someone’s weight are my improvisations, so if you need to blame someone, blame me.”The actress revealed.

“I actually dealt with bullying for being an experimental one, I dealt with it for being fat when I gained weight, I took it for being skinny, considered it gay, I took it for my nose, I actually dealt with it for being short and I take it for being married to who I am. Unfortunately, I know what bullying is in the skin. I’m on the same side of the story. “ It can be read in the caption of the post.

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