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"Gordon Ramsay is Gordon, and Lyubomir Stanisic is a cheap copy."

“Gordon Ramsay is Gordon, and Lyubomir Stanisic is a cheap copy.”

aBefore returning home, enjoying the last moments in Lisbon, Cândida Batista, from “Hell’s Kitchen”, was streamed on Instagram, Friday, May 21.

In a conversation with fans, the former SIC competitor talks about some of the pals and her time in ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’

Speaking about the Coordination Provider in Portugal, Ljubomir Stanisic, Candida highlighted:Gordon Ramsay is a Gordon, Le Pommer cheap version, like “Made in China”. Do not be fooled“.

But he didn’t stop there and ended up revealing that he got married in Lisbon last week, specifically on Thursday, May 20.

When asked if she has accepted competitor Lucas, Candida said:Women are not always interested in a man. I’m bisexual, if you don’t know, women are much more interesting to me than men. The most important thing is yesterday [20 de maio] I married this beautiful, blue-eyed German husband. So, no, I didn’t accept Lucas“.

See the full direct below:

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