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"Stop paying? That was before."  Sonae today opens its first store without boxes

“Stop paying? That was before.” Sonae today opens its first store without boxes

it’s a This Wednesday, the first store in Sonae National Territory opened without checkout boxes. “Stop paying? That was before,” the brand says, in Official site, Because in this site only one Application for shopping.

The project is called Continente Labs and it represents an investment of over € 1 million, She told Lusa, Director of Innovation and Digital TransformationFrederico Santos.

This first store is opening in the center of Lisbon, at Rua D. Filipa de Vilhena, No. 2 (next to Jardim do Arco do Cego), according to a statement saying: Accurate news He has access.

The opening of the Continente Labs store will be attended by Sonae MC CEO, Luis Moutinho, and Lisbon City Council’s economics and innovation advisor, Miguel Gaspar. Starting at 1 p.m. this Wednesday, the Continente Labs store will be open to the public.

How it works?

According to the information released by the brand, these are the steps that customers must follow to make purchases in this space:

  1. to me To enter-Open the application and pass the QR code on the reader;
  2. To reconnect Products and add them to your virtual shopping cart in the app;
  3. With the purpose To pay “just leave”. The invoice is sent to the app.

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