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Chrome Google Memories pesquisas Canary

Google is a surprise to the memory of Chrome users

Google is preparing some news for Chrome. This browser dominates the internet and is the most obvious choice for the vast majority of users. Hence, new features are always welcome.

Through constant trials, Google wants to pave the way for these new features. Now another test is run for testing, which may soon replace the history and the way we browse the pages we have already visited.

The Canary now has another novelty

The Canary version is the stage Google is in Tests with the news Chrome. This allows users and the search giant to gauge the pulse of whatever is being developed and may soon become a reality.

A new experience has appeared, allowing access to an improved and more recent version of the history of this browser. They are called memories, and this allows you to see in the cards the sites that your users have visited over time.

Google Chrome pesquisas memories canary

Memories is the latest test from Google

The big difference is the way this information is presented to users. Everything is organized in chronological order, but presenting the data in the form of cards is easier and faster for Chrome users to recognize.

With research that now appears to be more sophisticated in Chrome, it will be more effective and useful to everyone. The same results seem to direct users to other searches made on the omnibox in the past and on Google.

Google Chrome pesquisas memories canary

It's easy to test not having Chrome for everyone

Anyone who wants to test this new, already accessible version, should have the latest version of Chrome Canary installed. Google has preserved the Memories tag to enable the functionality. After that, just get access Chrome: // memories And see your visited history and pages.

Google continues to improve Chrome and give it more interesting features. Research now appears to be the focus and the way in which it is presented to users, who can thus remember and recover what they have visited.

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