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"I am happy with the goal, but I will move to the classification."

“I am happy with the goal, but I will move to the classification.”


After 5 months, the fans are back to the stadiums in England with restrictions

LONDON, ENGLAND (FOLHAPRESS) – Avoid cuddling and contact with strangers. If you are going to sing, shout, or celebrate a goal, be careful. Wear a mask. These recommendations came as part of the protocol for the first football match with an audience in England five months ago, which was held on Sunday (18). At Wembley, 4,000 people attended – less than 5% of the stadium capacity, but the largest number since the start of the pandemic – the FA Cup semi-finals between Leicester and Southampton, as part of a pilot project for the British government before the official return. From the audience to the squares, next month. I was one of them. After more than three months of lockdown and an effective vaccination campaign, the number of cases and deaths caused by the Coronavirus has decreased in the United Kingdom. This allowed the authorities to continue the relaxation schedule of restrictive measures that include the return of fans to English stadiums from May 17. Since March last year, football has been played without spectators, except for a few weeks in December. Initially, the capacity will be, at most, 10,000 spectators. Before that, a series of events will test. In addition to the semi-final on Sunday, a similar simulation will be held with 8,000 people in the English League Cup Final between Manchester City and Tottenham, on April 25, and 21,000 in the FA Cup decision, on May 15, both at Wembley. The auditions will also be held in closed arenas, such as the World Snooker Championships in Sheffield. Researchers will monitor audience movement and behavior, test social distancing protocols, and influence infection rates. The data will become reports and serve as a guide to the fourth and final phase of the suspension of restrictions, scheduled for June 21. In these pilots, the already organized English football has more rules. Tickets were distributed free of charge, but some requirements had to be met. I had to accept the consent form, do a rapid coronavirus test on the day of departure and give a negative result to enter Wembley. I also had to do the RT-PCR test, which was treated in the lab and considered the gold standard for virus detection, which will be repeated after five days. All at no cost, made by the NHS (UK Public Health System, similar to SUS). Entrance to the stadium has been divided into zones to avoid congestion. People in high-risk groups, pregnant women, and children under 18 years of age were prohibited from participating. Inside the stadium, I didn’t see anyone wearing the club’s jersey. It was a mixture of young people, alone or as a couple, and elderly people. The dining area was open and even beer was sold. In the queue, signs on the floor indicated social distancing, and around it, there were jelly alcohol stations. In the stands, there was at least one empty seat separating each spectator with a designated seat. He encouraged most of them by clapping with fists, but in the most emotional moments, many sang and screamed, without removing their masks. In the time lapse, the queues in the bar and in the bathrooms caused a certain amount of congestion, but that was precisely the goal of the pilot project: to test real situations, on a smaller scale. On the field, Leicester won 1-0 and will face Chelsea in the final. The experience of entering the stadium after more than a year, with so many people safely around you, is an exciting experience. Plus, the whole process was easy and efficient. The new rules didn’t bother Mark McDonagh, who celebrated his return to a football match after nearly a year and a half. The fan said, “We have to take care of the people. My mother is weak, and we have to make sure everyone is safe. I am glad to be able to help.” “The last time I came to Wembley, there was a crowd, everyone came at the same time. The atmosphere today is different and more relaxed.” A controversial proposal studied by the British government and has not yet been applied in the tests is the use of a vaccination certificate, which would allow entry to places with groups of those who were vaccinated, or if the result was negative in a test for detection of the Corona virus or they have antibodies. The idea, championed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is facing criticism not only from the labor opposition, but also from members of the Conservative Party, who say the measure will divide and exclude part of society. However, entities such as the Football Association of England, the English Premier League, and the All England Club, which is responsible for the Wimbledon tennis tournament, have written a letter to the Prime Minister and other politicians supporting the potential use of certificates in the future. More than 60% of adults have already received their first dose of vaccine in the UK. “Every sport sees the benefit provided by the Covid certificate to get back more fans safely as soon as possible,” according to the statement, which indicates that “the final decision cannot be discriminatory, rather it needs to protect privacy and have a clear standard for its purpose.” “. The plan divides the fans. Louise Addis, who also attended the match, said at Wembley. It is a difficult decision. “

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