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Nuno Espirito Santo "Sad" of Sheffield Origin: "I'm sure they'll turn" - Wolverhampton

Nuno Espirito Santo “Sad” of Sheffield Origin: “I’m sure they’ll turn” – Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton’s victory “dumped” Paul Heckingbottom’s squad in the tournament

Wolverhampton beat Sheffield United on Saturday 1-0And confirmed that the team trained by Paul Heckingbottom will enter the championship – the second level of English football.

Speaking at the end of the match, Nuno Espírito Santo was very ‘sad’ about the future of Sheffield.


“We started together in the tournament. Chris Wilder got a promotion and the first season in the Premier League was great with the same players. Now the coach of the team is Paul Heckingbottom. I have a great admiration for Sheffield. There is a lot of personality in that group of players. I’m sad, but I’m sure of it.” They will turn the corner, “he began with the Portuguese technician saying, in statements reported by the BBC.

Departure analysis

“It wasn’t a good game. We were tough and stressed and had few chances. We started the second half well and scored the goal, but we lost a lot of gains. We allowed Sheffield United to control the game and needed to do a lot better in our matches. The counterattacks. There are things we need to do.” Improve it from now on. The second half was much better, and the aggressiveness was there. “

Team changes due to the tactical layout?

“We had to make some decisions based on the team and the players. It’s not so much about the tactical scheme we use, it’s more about the way we view the game and the idea we want to build. We got a good result today. It wasn’t doing well. But hopefully. That we can improve. “

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Willian Jose Gallery is the only goalscorer for the game

“Willian works a lot with the team. He appears a lot between the lines. He missed the goal, but he arrived today and we are happy. The commitment to score is not just for the forwards.”

Written by Sergio Magalhaes