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From the mosque to the vaccination center.  In England, an imam fought for vaccine fear

From the mosque to the vaccination center. In England, an imam fought for vaccine fear

Darren Staples / AFP

Vaccination at the Al-Abbas Islamic Center in the United Kingdom

On Friday, during his speeches, Sheikh Noor Mohammed began to fight against misinformation and turned his mosque into a vaccination center against Govt-19.

Oh Sheikh Noor Mohammad, An imam of the Al-Abbas Mosque in England, knew that a significant percentage of his followers were reluctant to get vaccinated against Govt-19. In December, the religious leader decided to combat misinformation during his online sermons and turned his mosque into a vaccination center.

He was the first to take action in Britain, paving the way for dozens. Millions of British citizens and black Britons of South Asian descent have changed their minds and decided to get vaccinated against the virus, according to national research. N.P.R..

Barth Patel, physician and researcher University College London, Believes the local leadership played a key role in convincing people to get the vaccine.

“The use of the mosque as a vaccination center is a significant development,” said Patel, who has studied research data on vaccine reluctance. “About this: Where does the news come from? It’s about hope. ”

Historical reasons explain why people of South Asian descent and black Britons are reluctant to get vaccinated because both minorities face racial prejudice and distrust of the system is high.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to contain the misinformation, but the ruler has a major credibility problem. When the plague began to take over the land last year, Boris played it down, constantly making fun of people waving their hands.

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Originally from Ghana, the imam has been working at the mosque for more than four years. When the British government began announcing the vaccine program, allies raised questions about it: They wanted to know it Halal, I.e., according to the teachings of Islam.

Sheikh Noor Muhammad relied on the Islamic scriptures for answers, emphasizing that good health is a gift from God. During his Friday sermon, he criticized the misinformation: “We must not allow conspiracy theories and misinformation to control us.”

Mass Vaccination is the Imam’s most effective trick. After receiving the vaccine against Govt-19, the allies were confident in following his example – proof that there is nothing more powerful than seeing the experience of a trusted leader or friend.

Hundreds of allies were vaccinated and the mosque delivered more than 15,000 doses. Since the Al-Abbas Mosque opened as a vaccination center, more than that The other 50 mosques Followed this from the United Kingdom.

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